What Trend Will Hit the NBA Next?


The NBA has been part of American culture for 76 years.

Some of American sports’ most recognizable faces have obtained superstardom on the court over the last few decades. As with any other sport, it goes through periods where certain players and types of play are more popular. For example, Stephen Curry is widely regarded as one of the greatest players to play the game. He is also credited with the launch of the three-point shot era.

This is just one example, though. Let’s decipher other trends rising to the surface in the modern NBA era.

Rise in Sports Betting

Regarding betting on sports in America, it has traditionally been a closed shop.

The gambling capital of North America, Las Vegas, has always operated a large market for sports betting. However, the Internet has fueled an astonishing rise in the number of users playing in America today and in the number of states that have begun to loosen their regulations, especially around online gambling. 

Top sports-betting promotions are just one way of getting involved in placing a sports bet. If you’re eyeing up an NBA game you think has a favorable market, you can take advantage of these offers to get more value for your money. Usually, a promotion will allow you to bet with free tokens ⎯ or portions of your own money ⎯ before matching half of the bet.

It is incentives like this, coupled with legislation changes, that have triggered the rise in sports betting.

Not as Many One-Team Players

Back in the vintage days of the NBA, legendary players sought out their entire careers with one franchise.

This includes the likes of Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics. The NBA’s “Bird”, “Early Bird” and “Non-Bird” free-agent rights are named after the Celtic staple.

However, numerous players continue to move and play for a number of teams throughout their careers, whether they are unquestioned all-stars or role players. In these cases, they may not be as recognized, as they will not have an iconic team that they are historically attached to.

This is due to NBA players receiving increasingly large amounts of money, with massive multi-million-dollar contracts being generated for household and non-household names. These players now have teams that revolve around them like a small business. They have lawyers, agents and sponsors advising them on their images and next moves. This often involves changing teams and negotiating the best deals no matter the location or fit.

Players Are Scoring More Points Than They Have For Many Seasons

The pioneering talent of Steph Curry has transformed the game. His unreal ability and consistency from the three-point line has completely changed offensive play. During the turn of the 21st Century, however, three-point shooting was the exception instead of the norm. Curry has spearheaded a new way of offensive play that has skyrocketed the average points per game. Analysts have pointed out that this is due to several factors.

This can be a positive for some fans and a negative for others. For the purists, watching a game where players use their technique to defend properly and win a tight game using their conditioning and brain is much better than a scoring free for all. However, others that prefer the excitement of slam dunks and high-scoring games are on the edge of their seats.

Given this is a recent trend, there’s always a possibility that it could revert. Who knows? If a string of ultra-talented defensive players starts rising through the ranks, teams that suddenly put their strategic emphasis on defense might start squeezing the average points per game stat down.

Even the purists must be partial to a team that can blow away their opponents instead of tactically outwitting them. The thing with trends in the NBA is that we never know what the next one will be or where it will come from— this is one of the many things that make us tune in every day.

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