Which Big Man Should the C’s Look to Acquire?


After losing two key defensive bigs in Al Horford and Aron Baynes this offseason, the Celtics desperately lack the presence of a strong big man that can do the job on the defensive end. After a tough loss against the Sixers in which Joel Embiid went for 38 points, many are questioning if Danny Ainge should pull the trigger on a trade. Since the Eastern Conference is currently wide open, maybe it would be the right thing to do. Here are a few potential trades the Celtics’ front office may have to consider.


Steven Adams

Adrian Wojnarowski mentioned on ESPN’s NBA: The Jump that Boston was a potential landing spot for Steven Adams. The Celtics could use some of his elite rebounding and solid defense, but a trade seems rather unlikely. First off, Adams’ salary will surpass 27.5M next year, meaning the C’s will have to let go of a player with a similar paycheck — potentially Gordon Hayward. With the way he’s been playing this season, it would seem like a bad idea to let go of the 6-8 small forward.


Although Adams is an excellent player, he does not fit all the Celtics’ needs. His lack of shooting and ability in the pick-and-roll would be a problem. Finally, while the 26-year-old is a fan favorite and widely respected for his fair play and all-around approach to the game, a trade for Adams doesn’t seem likely.

Kevin Love

After a surprising start to the season, the Cavaliers have recently been abysmal, currently sitting near the bottom of the East. When Brian Windhorst stated that Cleveland’s front office was open for a trade, rumors surrounding the power forward amped up. Love declared that he wanted to be traded to a contender, leaving many wondering if he could be a good fit in Boston.

Kevin Love’s resume is impressive. He was a key piece of the Cavs’ championship run, and at 31 he is currently averaging 15.7 points and 10.9 rebounds per game. His three-point shooting, rebounding and solid defense would be a lovely addition to Boston.

But is he a good fit for the Celtics? Love signed a massive four-year, $120 million contract that kicks in next season. This means that Love would be receiving the max until he is 34 — much past his prime. It also means that if Ainge wants to fit in the salary cap, he would have to give up Hayward, which again seems unlikely. Trading for Love would be a massive gamble, but he may help Boston if they hope for a deep playoff run this season.

Myles Turner

According to rumors, Myles Turner is on Boston’s radar. This should not come as a surprise, as Turner is a solid shot-blocker who can stretch the floor. Turner led the NBA in blocks while shooting 38 percent from three last season. The 23-year-old would be a tremendous addition for the C’s and a trade may actually be realistic. Turner makes $18 million per year, so fitting him within the salary cap may be more realistic.

The challenge is finding a deal that would be beneficial for both Boston and Indiana. The Celtics would probably have to give up a few first round picks, Enes Kanter, Daniel Theis and possibly some young players to match the salaries. Nevertheless, Myles Turner may be the missing piece for the Celtics’ next championship run.

Davis Bertans

Davis Bertans, A.K.A the Latvian Laser, is a stretch four many Celtics fans wish their team could acquire. His phenomenal shooting and size fit exactly what the organization needs. His season so far has been quite impressive, including a stellar performance in Charlotte in which he scored a career-high 32 points while dropping eight three pointers. He is currently averaging around 15.5 points per game.


A trade for Bertans may be realistic, as according to Bleacher Report, the Celtics and Wizards are exploring a trade involving Enes Kanter in exchange for the Latvian big man. However, this is nothing more than speculation at the moment.

Should they make a trade?

The answer to the question is a strong yes. If Boston wishes to raise another banner this season, they need a solid center they can rely on, especially on the defensive end. Although Kanter is an amazing offensive rebounder, his defense needs serious improvement. The Celtics’ front office should explore a trade as long as the price to pay is reasonable. There are many options for the Celtics, and a center that has a decent contract and won’t cost a core player should be the way to go. Although it is difficult to navigate trade rumors, Celtics fans should be excited at what the future holds.

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