Will Chris Bosh Be Forced to Retire?


On February 21st, 2015 Chris Bosh was diagnosed with blood clots in his lungs. Because of this Chris Bosh had to miss the remainder of the 2014-15 NBA season. But even though Bosh was in this life threatening situation people were still very optimistic because the Miami Heat made a statement shortly after Bosh’s diagnoses that stated “Bosh, who is receiving care under the guidance of Miami Heat team physicians at a Baptist Health System Hospital, is currently resting comfortably. Chris is OK and his prognosis is good.” Another factor that had people’s hopes high was the fact that several players, including Mirza Teletovic and Andersen Varejao, had been diagnosed with blood clots in the past and have completely recovered.


During the first half of the 2015-16 NBA season it seemed Chris Bosh was gonna be another player who fully recovered from blood clots. Unfortunately signs returned and Bosh had to miss the second half of yet another season. With the playoffs starting Chris Bosh wanted to play while on blood thinners but the team doctors would not let him. Many people stated that Bosh could simply take the blood thinners in the early morning so that the medication would be out of his bloodstream before game time. “Someone with knowledge of the situation said blood tests indicated the medication was out of Bosh’s system after 8 to 12 hours, which would significantly lessen the risk for Bosh playing. But the Heat and team doctors rejected that idea.” The team doctors believed there was too much risk in Bosh playing, and they did not want to put Bosh or his health in any danger.

Chris Bosh will not be able to play until he is off blood thinners and completely healthy. If Chris Bosh is not cleared by the beginning of next year he may have to retire, and one impactful voice says he should embrace that reality now. In 1990 Bo Kimble witnessed his teammate, Hank Gathers, collapse during a college basketball game and later die.

Although Hank Gathers did not have the same health issues as Bosh, he did have an irregular heartbeat. Despite something clearly being wrong with Gathers he was still cleared to play, which is what ultimately led to his death. Bo Kimble simply does not want to see another young talented life be taken away by bad judgement.

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