Will Durant, Westbrook Share The Court Again?


It has been 7 months since the divorce of one of the greatest duos to ever play the game in Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

The teammates shared 8 great years together, 6 playoffs appearances, 4 conference finals trips, and a trip to the NBA finals in 2012. They were apart of the very first Oklahoma City Thunder franchise playoffs appearance. Durant was drafted in 2007, and Westbrook followed in 2008.

Less than two months after Durant and Westbrook had the 73 win Golden State Warriors team in a 3-1 series hole, seeking their 2nd Finals berth together, they collapsed. The Thunder would lose 3 games in a row and lose the series.

That’s the team Durant decided to join while in free agency. Instead of possibly staying in OKC to compete against the Warriors, he joined them and didn’t even call Westbrook prior to or after the decision.

During Durant’s MVP speech he broke down in tears, and in many press conferences defended Westbrook and called him his little brother to the critics and fans who said that Westbrook’s style of play was killing Durant’s title hopes. Both players have opposite demeanors, but they always seemed to enjoy winning with one another.

Now that Durant is gone, Westbrook views him as the enemy. Trash talk at its’ highest level. Westbrook has zero respect for Durant and in many different press conferences explained how he wants nothing to do with his former teammate. Using words to describe him as foul as they come.

The all-star game is a time of good vibes, joy, rest, and a showcase of the best players in the world. The only difference between when Shaq and Kobe broke up in 2004 is that they were in seperate conferences. Durant and Westbrook will be on the same team. Durant’s coach is the Western Conference head coach.

Russell Westbrook is currently averaging a triple double, and leading the league in scoring. Having a historical season. Many viewed him not being a starter as an all-time snub. So the talent is there, Steve Kerr would be bastardized by the media and critics if he doesn’t play Westbrook starter minutes. Only issue is, Kerr has to watch his player, Steph Curry and his minutes.

All-Star weekend will be an all-time drama classic of break-up aftermath.


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