When will the Prodigal Son Return?


So far, Stephen Curry has logged 38 minutes in the playoffs. He exited the first game after injuring his ankle late in the second quarter. The Warriors were able to pull out the win without Curry in a 104-78 blowout over the Rockets. Curry sat out in Game 2 and again the Warriors were able to pull out a big win behind Klay Thompson’s 34 points. In Game 3, James Harden took control scoring 35 points, 2 of which came in the final seconds of the game and gave the Houston Rockets a 97-96 victory over the Warriors. Curry made a return to the sidelines in Game 4. He played 18 minutes until slipping on a wet spot on the floor and injuring his knee in the last possession of the half. He was forced to sit out the rest of the game and his team again blew the Rockets out 121-94. Without Steph Curry, the Warriors still have enough tools to win the series against the Rockets. After the Rockets, the Warriors will meet either the Clippers or the Trailblazers in the second round. So the question on everyone’s mind is when will the prodigal son return?

Earlier today, Warrior’s GM, Bob Myers, announced that Stephen Curry’s MRI results were negative. The Warrior’s medical staff diagnosed Curry with a Grade 1 MCL sprain, and they stated that he will be re-evaluated in 2 weeks. Until then, the Warriors are on their own.

If the Trailblazers take the Clippers to 7 games, the series between the winner of that series and the Warriors will begin playing on Tuesday, May 3rd. However, if the Clippers beat the Trailblazers in 6 games or less, the series will begin on Sunday, May 1st. So if Portland can push the Clippers to 7 games, Curry can possibly play Game 4 of that series.

No matter what happens, the Warriors will need to steal some games from the Clippers before Curry returns. Even without Curry, this team still has 2 All-Stars and a couple All-Defensive team candidates. To quote Stephen Curry, himself, “I slipped. I fell. I’m hurt. My team is awesome. Then end.” Don’t think to count these guys out just yet.

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