Will the Knicks Finally Rise From The NBA’s Abyss?


Once again, the New York Knicks are beginning another rebuild with a new-looking front office. This one has been built from the ashes of   Steve Mills’ failure. With a new replacement in Leon Rose, the Knicks will look to continue their rebuild without any hitches. But why should fans trust Rose to be a good fit as head of basketball operations?

Representing Stars

Rose began to grab attention with the Creative Artists Agency (CAA). He has been the player agent for stars like LeBron James, Allen Iverson and several current stars. Throughout his career, he has aided in critical decisions, such as the role he played in LeBron’s decision to take his talents to South Beach back in 2010. Rose mentored James’ long-time friend and current agent, Rich Paul before he launched Klutch Sports. Forbes told that Rose negotiated over $948.9 million in NBA contracts in 2019 while representing 18 players.

Several teams have had success in hiring a player-agent, such as the Lakers with Rob Pelinka. Teams do not traditionally head to the player-agent route, but the Knicks are in a low-risk, high-reward situation.

Positive Relationships 

Being an agent, Rose built positive relationships with coaches, players and executives. His connections have helped him build a respectable team of coaches and front offices for the Knicks. A major name brought in is William Wesley, aka World Wide Wes. Wesley was a colleague of Rose at the CAA where he ran coach representation. Wesley also represented musicians like Drake.

The one-two punch of Rose and Wesley is a well-respected duo throughout the NBA. All of their connections to players can help lure in talent looking for a fresh start under trusted management. Hiring Tom Thibodeau manifests that the Knicks are wanting to build a respectable coaching staff. Thibs has also brought in Kenny Payne from Kentucky and fan-favorite, Mike Woodson, to help maintain positive relationships with the players.

Winning Mindset

Face it, Knicks fans are tired of hearing about rebuilding through the draft. With a late lottery pick, Rose has said that he will remain aggressive to acquire talent. Fans would rather see a push for talent instead of another lottery year. Rose has stockpiled an array of assets, including two 2020 first-round picks and tradable role players. He remains eager to capitalize on the assets acquired in the Kristaps Porzingis trade.

Reports indicate that Rose is already competing in the Chris Paul sweepstakes, showcasing his draft picks and young talent. The front office is continuing to monitor stars to help push the Knicks over the hump they’ve been trapped in for seven years. As new talent becomes available, the Knicks will remain atop headlines with rumors regarding potential blockbuster trades.

What’s Next?

Whether the Knicks plan to win now or slowly build, Leon Rose has already rebuilt the struggling front office. The next step is figuring out what the Knicks will do at next month’s NBA Draft.


  • 8th
  • 27th (via LA Clippers)
  • 38th (via Charlotte)

There is no clear-cut idea of what Rose plans to do with their lottery pick. It’s assumed they’ll be hesitant to trade it away unless they do not believe it is worth staying where they are.

The point-guard class has the Knicks unsure about what to do. LaMelo Ball tops their list with Killian Hayes shortly after. If Hayes falls to the Knicks, it is a sure shot for the franchise. Rose has also been high on the project mid-first rounder, Cole Anthony. If Rose does not like what he sees, another option is trading back for Anthony. His stock dropped after an injury during his one year at North Carolina, but many believe he still possesses lottery-level talent when healthy.

Once the draft is over, the club will look ahead to possible trades and free-agency signings. Rumors are starting to pile up whether the team will trade for a big name — Russell Westbrook, Victor Oladipo or Chris Paul — or strike out like last year. Free agents Rose will likely pursue are long shots, unless the price is right or New York becomes a prime destination.

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