Year One at Fiserv Forum Couldn’t Get Much Better


Bucks Exceeding Expectations in Their New Home

Even with Sunday’s four point loss in OKC, the Milwaukee Bucks are on a roll. Winners in 17 out of their last 21 games, they still sport the best record in the NBA (35-13) and are figuring out new ways to win each game.

Coach Bud is a “Mad Scientist”. If one theorem isn’t working, he’ll try something else. Instead of Giannis playing the point, let’s play him at center! Throw in Pat Connaughton after a handful of DNP-CD’s and see what happens!

We’ll get off to fast starts, we’ll get off to slow starts. And then we’ll have quarters like Friday’s fourth where Giannis scored 14 and the Charlotte Hornets scored 12. And it was mostly because Coach Bud took some risks. It’s all about energy for this team, and Coach Bud knows how to tap into that. It’s one thing to be talented, but the 2019 Milwaukee Bucks are scary good, given their knack for being able to win in so many different ways. They’ve been unstoppable at home.

However, there’s another team that shares the Fiserv Forum– and they’re starting to get some recognition nationally as well.

Marquette, Where is That School Located?

Wait a second, Marquette plays at the Fiserv Forum too? How are they doing? Oh, they’re ranked 12th in the country!?

Yes, the Marquette Golden Eagles are relevant again. The team that will forever be the Marquette Warriors in my mind (and for a couple days, were just named “Gold” before the students rightfully protested) are on the national stage again.

Those of you who are as old as me remember the days of the one, the only, Dwyane Wade. He was (and still is) the man. Wesley Matthews is still doing his thing, Jae Crowder is a solid NBA veteran, and who would have known that Jimmy Butler would have turned into such a controversial diva when he became an NBA player? Steve Novak got some run in the NBA but is now comfortably in the commentator booth. Travis Diener was drafted and didn’t do much, but he’ll always be welcome at his alma mater for the run he had. This is all not to mention Marquette classics like Doc Rivers, Al McGuire, Bo Ellis, and Jim McIlvaine.

Point being, Marquette basketball has been more than fruitful for the NBA picking. Even though no matter where I go in this country, more-than-casual basketball fans still have to ask me where Marquette’s campus is located. Well, it’s in the city of the Brewers, where Opening Day is a state-wide holiday. Downtown Milwaukee, where we live for three months’ worth of summer festivals. Where cheese and beer are their own food group. Right on the beautiful western side of Lake Michigan. Am I painting a better picture for you? I suppose I could just say “they play where the Bucks play” to simplify.

If you don’t yet know who Markus Howard is, look him up. He’s scored over 50 points twice this season (Check out the history on that stat!). Marquette’s coach is a descendant of Coach K. The Golden Eagles sport the “Jordan” logo on their jerseys. If I was an 18-year-old recruit, those are the subtle types of things make a difference.

2019 is the “Year of the Forum” and it needed to be a success. Had the Bucks faltered or had the Golden Eagles remained irrelevant – the attraction of the stadium alone would have diminished quickly. Milwaukee is a blue-collar town and we expect our sports teams to be competitive in exchange for our undying loyalty. But who could’ve imagined a better start for the new arena? For all your patience Milwaukee basketball fans – I give you the 2019 Bucks and the 2019 Marquette Golden Eagles.

About Dan Parker

Born and raised in the greater Milwaukee area. Graduated from UW-Parkside with a B.S. in Sports and Fitness Management. Avid Wisconsin sports fan, currently residing just outside of Detroit.

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