Is Giannis Antentokounmpo Creating a Trend?


With the injury to Michael Carter-Williams, Giannis Antentokounmpo has emerged as the Milwaukee Bucks best available point guard — And is dominating while playing at the point. Stats below:

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 8.35.24 PM

That has circulated conversation around the league… Will this transition lead us back into an era which we have seen some of the greatest point guards of all time like Oscar Robertson and Magic Johnson?  At 6’11, Giannis is the same height of the average NBA center, yet is playing at the top of the key instead of under the rim. This position switch has created havoc for opposing teams to try and find matchup’s which doesn’t make them exposed on the wing or at the rim and it’s been damn near impossible for them to do so. With the typical protege of a point guard after John Stockton being a guy who can do it all, a true floor general, a solid jump shot and an elite passer has brought us guys like Jason Kidd, Chris Paul, Andre Miller, Steve Nash and others PGs of that play style the NBA is slowly transitioning into something new. Today’s guards can shoot better than ever before but are also ferocious finishers in the lane like Russell Westbrook and rookie Emmanuel Mudiay, so where does Giannis fit in? Well, see that’s the catch, he doesn’t fit  into any of those categories which is what makes him great. He is an elite finisher with his quickness and size, he has incredible court vision and passing ability for his size, he is a phenomenal defender because of his length and wingspan, and can out-rebound most centers. This sounds awfully similar to a guy named Magic Johnson…. Giannis is still new to the game of basketball and has a lot to learn and still needs to develop a shot, but he has an insane amount of room to grow with him just turning 21. Whether or not he stays at point guard or moves back to SF is up to Kidd, but either way, he looks like a dominant player and one of the bright futures in the NBA.

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