Can the Cavaliers Get to the Finals with a 12-0 Record?


The Cleveland Cavaliers are arguably playing the best basketball in franchise history as they have swept both the Detroit Pistons (44-38 regular season record) in the first round, and the Atlanta Hawks (48-34 regular season record) in the second round. Throughout these two series, especially against the Atlanta Hawks, the Cleveland Cavaliers have made an extremely impressive amount of three-pointers. They shattered the Utah Jazz’s NBA record of most three-pointers in a NBA playoff series of 61 by making a total 77 three-pointers in just the four games.  In that series, during game two, they also set the record for most three-pointers in a game in postseason and regular season history with a staggering 25 three-pointers made.

So with the Cleveland Cavaliers playing mind-boggling offense, and unmentioned great defense, it would be outrageous for anyone to truly believe the Toronto Raptors or Miami Heat could beat them in a seven game series.

The Toronto Raptors have not been very good in this years’ playoffs. They started the postseason against the Indiana Pacers who are lead by Paul George. The Pacers gave Toronto a serious fight and took the series to seven games where the Toronto Raptors would barely beat them 89-84.

The Miami Heat also started the playoffs a little worse than expected but still played decent basketball. In Miami’s first round matchup they faced the Charlotte Hornets who also took their higher seeded opponent to seven games. In Miami’s case they took care of business much more easier in game seven as they beat the Hornets 106-73.

Now, with both teams still struggling, the Raptors have found themselves up 3-2 against the Miami Heat and the favorites to face the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals. But the Toronto Raptors and Miami Heat are both facing serious injuries that are hurting their teams. The Miami Heat have missed Chris Bosh the entire postseason and he will not return, and Hassan Whiteside is expected to miss the rest of their current series. Meanwhile the Raptors starting center Jonas Valanciunas has missed the last two games and will not return for the rest of the series.

With both the Toronto Raptors and Miami Heat not playing their best basketball and suffering big injuries it would be hard for them to compete with a great team like the Cavaliers. But the winner of the Raptors and Heat series will not be facing an average team. They will be facing the hottest team in the playoffs so far, the three-point record breaking 8-0 Cleveland Cavaliers. With the Cavaliers playing so great it seems that they have a great chance of showing up to the NBA Finals 12-0, rested, and absolutely ready to win their first franchise NBA Championship.


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