Carter Ambitiously Begins New Sparks Journey


“We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” Wow, what inspiring oratory back in 1962 by John F. Kennedy. Has America set its standards too low today? Not for new LA Spark Chennedy Carter. Carter, a tremendous college player coming off a challenging pro beginning, established ambitious goals as the 2022 season approaches. As the Sparks shoot for Mars with a reloaded roster, it may soon take a speaker even more talented than Kennedy to describe her accomplishments.

False Start

Carter quickly became an Aggie legend at Texas A&M, rising to fame with a round of 32 buzzer-beater (see 6:12).

In her sophomore year, Carter again led the Aggies to the Sweet 16, narrowly falling to Notre Dame’s Arike Ogunbowale in a scoring duel. Unfortunately, the coronavirus dashed her hopes of a championship by forcing a cancellation of the 2020 dance. At the time, Carter was 22 and old enough to go pro immediately.

Although she understandably didn’t provide details, Carter had difficulty with the Atlanta Dream. Atlanta did not make the playoffs in either of her two pro seasons. Thankfully, LA recognized her talent. The Sparks traded Erica Wheeler and two draft picks to obtain the talented guard and the WNBA rights to Chinese star Li Yueru.

Carter wasted no time before fantasizing about her better future.


Carter expressed her excitement numerous times about playing in a more glamorous market.

When WNBA Lead asked Carter if she had any on-the-court goals as a Spark, she expressed impressive aspirations.

“My goal is definitely to become a better rebounder. I want to be one of the top leading rebounders at the guard position in the WNBA, and I definitely want to be top in assists this season.”

While too many hoopers in the third century of basketball focus primarily on scoring, Carter understands that she wins when her teammates succeed.

“So those are two things I’m going on the court literally focused on, helping my team rebound and finding my shooters, finding my open posts, finding anyone who can put the ball in the rim and help us get to wins.”

Some athletes express a championship-or-bust mentality. But Carter has more modest expectations (at least for now) after arriving from the struggling Dream.

“Outside of making the playoffs, I want to have a playoff appearance. I want to take my game to the next level, play on that stage in front of everybody. Like you [the media] said, LA has a great fanbase and a lot of fans who are going to come and support. So, that’s one of the biggest things outside of winning the championship; I like to take it one step at a time, so those two things.”

One step at a time – clichΓ©d advice, perhaps, but still a vitally genuine perspective. And what is Carter’s next step?

The Real Hollywood

Now, wait one moment. How can Carter be talking merely about making the playoffs while America was already on the moon 53 years ago?

Because each person in our small sphere knows the path towards their potential best. Carter stepped from Texas A&M, walked carefully through Atlanta, and now takes a giant leap into Hollywood.

With the past’s stresses now a fading memory, Carter takes her golden ticket into a new dawn of Los Angeles basketball.

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