Finals With the Fellas Sure to Fascinate


The Phoenix Suns are your 2021 Western Conference Champions.

Now go ahead and read that statement three more times, just to engrave in your brain that this is a real and factual statement.

Realistically…? Champions.

For the first time since 1993, the Phoenix Suns have claimed the throne of the Western Conference. Etching their name into basketball history once more, this team was destined for greatness. Eerily enough, it seems they already knew it too.

This video is from before the season started. That’s how long this has been in the works.

Goosebump worthy, amirite?

From the beginning, there were doubts on whether or not there was enough talent to even get this team to a playoff win, not to mention a Finals appearance. But the Suns have flashed their true colors and put on a show for the entire world to watch.

So with all the stories and headlines this team has from top to bottom, we’re gonna take a look at some of the most compelling, emotional and legendary things this Finals means.

When it comes to this squad, it’s always bigger than basketball.

Point God Finally Making First Finals Appearance

Chris Paul is generationally known as a hall-of-fame point guard. The impact he has had on this league and basketball in his 16 years is undoubtedly one of a kind.

Proof the midrange will never die. The true master of the pick and roll. A blueprint for all pesky, small point guards to succeed. Finally, CP3 has made it to the promised land. 

With career per-game playoff stats of 20.6 points, 8.3 assists, 5.1 rebounds and 2.0 steals, it’s a sickening thought that injuries have been the only thing keeping him away from the Finals. Pure bad luck has greatly influenced the way Paul’s playoff career has played out.

In the end, he has found his way around Father Time to continue his path of greatness.

Truly deserving to play on the biggest stage, it’s been a long ride for him to get here. One thing is for sure though– his game is already proven to be one of the greats. If he can win this ring, it will be just another cherry on top. 

Book Finally Getting Attention He Deserves

“Empty stats”, “Is Devin Booker actually good?”, “Will thrive in a Lou Williams type role”. All things said about what Booker could amount to. All ill-informed opinions trying to put a cap on Book’s potential. Giving no credit to the load he was carrying and the turmoil the franchise was in. However, Book put his head down, didn’t say anything, and stayed on the grind; now, he is reaping the rewards. 

Finally, with a competent supporting cast around him, Book has been able to show what he is fully capable of. After six years in the league, his game has developed into something special. A half-court nightmare. One-on-one matchups are practice shots for Book.

With assumptive help from Chris Paul, his playmaking, working the pick and roll, and court vision have elevated. Not to mention his finishing with either hand in transition has become a breeze, becoming a blur as he speeds past defenders. 

It seems only fitting, in his first playoff run, Book has excelled. Not only is his game built for the postseason, his dog mentality—instilled in him from the one and only Kobe Bryant—has proved to be a staple in his run. With “Be Legendary” tattooed on his arm, a signature from his idol Kobe, it seems Book came into his first playoffs with one thing in mind.

Win it all.

DA Planting Himself as Dominant Force

At the ripe age of 22, Deandre Ayton is being asked to do something not many people that age can even fathom: be the third-best player on an NBA Finals contender. However, he has locked in and answered the call despite his up and down career. 

When it comes to dissecting Ayton’s play, you have to look beyond the stats. When he is locked in and feeling confident, he has the ability to propel himself to another tier of player. The fact he has consistency issues is due to being in the league for only three years. It is widely known that centers take more time to develop in this league.

The pace of play, the size, the matchups. It is a leap that many can take, but have not quite done as fast as Ayton has.

On pace to have the all-time best effective field goal percentage in the playoffs, showing the most amount of promise to be a viable defensive anchor, and developing as a lob threat, are all reasons he is only going to get even better. With such a stacked 2018 draft, it is tough to say if any team really made the “right” choice. However, Suns fans can go to sleep knowing their team made a very, very good choice. 

A City Reborn

While I could go player to player, all the way down this roster, and have a good story to talk about, we’re gonna round it up with what this team has done to this city and its fans.

It has been a dismal time in the valley for a while now. A rift was felt in this organization for a long time, and it felt success wasn’t on the horizon.

This year, however, with all the surprise triumphs this team has achieved, this city has lived in the moment to the fullest. Crowds being the loudest it’s been in years, #ChuggingWithTheFellas, the influx of Suns gear seen anywhere you go in the Valley. It’s all just subtle reminders that this city can love this team and these players to levels unparalleled.

Despite what happens next, this team will live on in the hearts and minds of fans all over. What they’ve done is already historic. A Finals parade would only be the closing chapter of a one-of-a-kind story. 

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