The future of D-Wade and the Bulls


On Thursday night, the Chicago Bulls announced that guard Dwayne Wade would miss the remainder of the 2016-17 season with a sprain and a small fracture of his right elbow.

This likely spells disaster for the already disappointing Bulls who added the future Hall of Famer during the offseason.

Wade made the move to Chicago after spending the first 13-years of his legendary career with the Miami Heat. A tenure that resulted in three championships down in South Beach.

After a season that did not live up to the preseason hype or expectations, Wade now has to make a decision on his upcoming $23.8 million option for the 2017-18 season. Will he extend his stay in his hometown or make another move that might be better for his career?

Speculations have already been made that he will back his bags and join a contender after this season concludes, which will put the Bulls in a tough scenario. Chicago will need to finally decide on whether they pull the plug and start rebuilding or try something else to stay competitive.

After trading longtime, fan favorite Taj Gibson to the Oklahoma City Thunder at the deadline, it appears that a rebuild is on the menu. Look to see them move center Robin Lopez and possibly even Jimmy Butler if they are hitting the hard reset.

As for D-Wade, teams like the Spurs, Nuggets, and Clippers will probably be the first at his door with deals varying in amount and length.

San Antonio is always looking for players who produce at a high level and even though Wade is aging, Coach Pop would pitch his system as the perfect fit.

Denver has been looking for a star since Carmelo Anthony was traded to New York. This might not be the best fit for their system or depth chart, but the potential is there.

With the large question marks surrounding the Los Angeles Clippers and their hectic offseason coming closer and closer, Wade might get a call pitching a team up with his banana boat buddy Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.

Those might be the first comers, but don’t rule out his pal LeBron James coming to his house with the idea that they will travel to the promised land together once again in Cleveland.

Wade has options for the path he wants to take as the twilight years begin for him.

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