Garrett Would Add to Miami’s Undrafted Treasure Trove


It’s no secret that the Miami Heat find undrafted players and turn them into serviceable ones.

In recent history, there’s been Duncan Robinson, Kendrick Nunn and Omer Yurtseven among others.

Now, there’s Marcus Garrett. Who is he and what would he bring to the Heat?

Who is Marcus Garrett?

Garrett is a 22-year-old guard from Kansas University. Measured at 6’5, his wingspan is listed at 6’10. He prides himself on defending and seems to fit everything Heat Culture is about.

Scrappy, tough and relentless. That’s how Garrett carries himself and plays his game. What has he shown us in Summer League that makes the Heat feel like they’ve obtained another steal?

College Career

Garrett played four years at the University of Kansas, appearing at least 29 games each season. When he first stepped on campus, he was a below-average offensive player, but like many, he found his way. Free throws were a large area of concern as a freshman, but as a senior, they seem to be the furthest thing from a problem.

When looking at his statistical progression throughout college, he increased his percentages and numbers every year, with his senior season being his most well-rounded. The bolded numbers indicate his career high in season averages.

  • FR: 4.1 PTS – 3.4 REB – 1.1 AST – 0.9 STL on 45.6% FG / 26.7% 3P / 49% FT
  • SO: 7.3 PTS – 4.2 REB – 1.9 AST – 1.4 STL on 42.2% FG / 24.5% 3PT / 58.7% FT
  • JR: 9.2 PTS – 4.5 REB – 4.6 AST1.8 STL on 44.2% FG / 32.7% 3PT / 60.9% FT
  • SR: 11 PTS4.6 REB – 3.6 AST – 1.6 STL on 45.9% FG / 34.8% 3PT / 80.8% FT

Garrett ended his college career on a great note, improving his skills and stature as a basketball player. He left Kansas a decorated player, including being a 2x member of the All-Big 12 team, 3x Big 12 All-Defensive team and was the 2019/2020 Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year and 19/20 Naismith Defensive Player of the Year. D

Despite his impressive rap sheet, Garrett would go undrafted in the 2021 NBA Draft and land with the Heat as an undrafted free agent.

Summer-League Performance

Due to his tremendous play, Marcus Garrett has all but locked himself into a Heat roster spot. While he has impressed defensively, his offensive production has given management something to be happy about. With time in the Heat’s development system, and mentors like Jimmy Butler, Kyle Lowry and Victor Oladipo, Garrett will have a tremendous opportunity to learn from the dominant defenders of today.


Garrett has been all over the place defensively. The lockdown guard has impressed with his defensive capabilities, recording six steals in his first SL game. He recovers quickly and even blocks shots at the guard position.

The 19/20 Naismith DPOY picked up right where he left off in college. The tenacity and intensity he brings to the floor is unmatched. Garrett has a knack of being able to pick pocket the ball at any time, and it is such a luxury in today’s NBA, especially with how important transition offense is. The rookie guard would slot in immediately as one of the best defenders on the Heat’s roster.

The Heat don’t have the most draft capital in the NBA. They also owe a lot of money to their stars. Any undrafted guys they can roster who can contribute holds intangible value. In the bigger picture, 22-year-old Garrett is an ideal pairing with 21-year-old Tyler Herro.

Lockdown defender with handles next to the scoring guard. Just how Yurtseven fits Bam, Garrett fits Herro. Miami’s 2021 Summer League class has the potential to be special.


Everyone knew about Garrett’s defense, but his offensive game is what has many surprised. Not only is he capable of scoring, he can move with the ball, too. Typically, players of that caliber defensively are usually very raw offensively and struggle with ball-handling and scoring. His efficiency has been great and his slashing ability is one of his strong suits.

Garrett’s jumpshot has a bit of an unorthodox motion, but the ball has been going through the basket for him recently and can be tinkered in development if necessary. Defensive guards with scoring capability aren’t the most common thing in the NBA, but he can post numbers against good talent.

Garrett has appeared in five Summer League games, though he left one early due to injury. Through the four games he completed, he posted the following averages:

  • 11 PTS
  • 5.8 REB
  • 1.5 AST
  • 60.7% FG — (17/28)
  • 42.9% 3PT — (3/7)
  • 63.6% FT — (7/11)

As of August 12, Garrett was 4th in offensive points scored per possession at 1.19 PPP.

Whatever They Do, Sign Garrett

While the Heat are still taking time to analyze their roster, there is one thing that should be constant in all of the different possibilities: signing Marcus Garrett.

Players with his type of defense don’t fall off trees. Additionally, he has improved his offensive game each year. He has a mixture of proven talent and raw potential that is special to see, especially from an undrafted player. It’s truly a wonder how Garrett wasn’t one of the 60 names called on July 29th.

Miami could play this one of two ways. They could sign him to the 15-man roster — and he could possibly contribute right away — or they could sign him to a two-way deal, allowing him to develop in the G League.

Only time will tell what the Heat will do, but one thing is certain– Garrett will be signed.

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