Magic Set To Hire Frank Vogel As Head Coach



There is a reported deal in principle for the Orlando Magic to take the biggest name in coaching off the market. Exit Scott Skiles, enter Frank Vogel.

This is a huge win for the Magic. To go from having a coach that did a good job but nobody was really enamored with just up and leave you to getting the best coach on the market should give Magic fans a reason to be happy and forget about what just happened a week prior.

Vogel also makes a lot of sense as well, coming in and building on the foundation that Scott Skiles laid defensively while trying to take an interesting young core of Nikola Vucevic, Victor Oladipo, Aaron Gordon, Elfrid Payton, Mario Hezonja and whoever they pick with the #11 (or trade the pick for, more likely, in my opinion) to the next level.

This season the Magic jumped up 10 wins from the previous year, going from 25-57 (.305) to 35-47 (.427) under Skiles, while Vogel took his Pacers with a debatably less talented roster 10 wins above that with a 45-37 (.549) record, leading to a 7th seeded playoff run that stretched the #2 seeded Raptors to the max before ultimately losing in a close Game 7. Maybe Vogel is that guy to take the Magic those extra 10 games needed to make the playoffs for 2017? With a core that missed the playoffs by 9 games this year that should only continue to improve, I don’t see why not.


The deal is for 4 years, $22 million.

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