Ranking the Top 10 NBA Players’ Quarantine Experiences


We are over two months into quarantine, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Almost every state is in the process of reopening while the NBA is making progress towards restarting. During these challenging times, if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. So, let’s look at the NBA players who have made the most out of their time away from the game.

No. 10: Zion Williamson

Zion has been quiet for the past few months. But, according to Spike Lee, he’s being considered for a starring role in the sequel of He Got Game. Starring in the sequel to the greatest basketball movie of all-time would elevate his already-atmospheric profile.

No. 9: Aaron Gordon

Air Gordon still hasn’t forgotten about Dwyane Wade robbing him in the Slam Dunk Contest back in Chicago. And everyone knows if you mess with Gordon, you can expect some bars (plus an official music video). Not to mention, with the playoffs likely being held in Disney World, that means the #8 seed Magic will technically have homecourt advantage over the Bucks.


No. 8: Trae Young

Young has had a fantastic sophomore season. The undersized point guard competed in an event every night of All-Star weekend. Even though the season was suspended, that didn’t stop him from participating in the 2K tournament and the HORSE challenge. At this rate, he will be starring in Stranger Things season 4 next year.

No. 7: Tyler Herro

Hanging out with Instagram models and getting his hair braided. Give this man ROY; I don’t care what Ja Morant has done.

No. 6: James Harden

Harden deleted his Instagram and went zero-dark thirty on us. The beard is out of control, the haircut is rough, and the man is looking..skinny? The Athletic reported that Harden is working out three times a day with an emphasis on conditioning. If he was putting up 34 points and 7 assists per game while out of shape, I can’t wait to see what he does after this quarantine period.

No. 5: D’Angelo Russell

Remember back in March when we all watched Tiger King on Netflix? It must have had a profound effect on Russell since he’s hanging out with all kinds of exotic cats at his house. D-Lo? More like Jeff Lowe. I’ll see myself out.

No. 4: Devin Booker

Booker won the first-ever 2K tournament with relative ease, then snuck off on a road trip with Kendall Jenner. There are levels to this.

No. 3: Steph Curry

Instead of just working on his golf game, Curry focused on being a civic leader. He hosted a Q&A with Dr. Fauci and brought attention to the Ahmaud Arbery tragedy (along with many other NBA players). Bonus points for starting a vlog series on YouTube titled “Curry Quarantine”.

No. 2: LeBron James

It could not have been easy for the King to sit around in his house while the world celebrated Michael Jordan for five straight Sunday nights. Despite the 90s nostalgia, LeBron continued to make his case for GOAT on and off the court. He celebrated the Class of 2020 on CNN, starred in a Nike commercial, and floated the idea that he considered playing football during the 2011 lockout. Not to mention his character in Game of Zones defeated Michael Jordan and the White Walkers.

No. 1: Kevin Love

As the world struggles with the pandemic, many quietly struggle with mental health issues. Luckily, they have a champion in Kevin Love. The All-Star big continues to raise awareness and connect people with the resources they need. Additionally, he has helped support healthcare workers on the front line by donating meals via local restaurants (shout out to Brandon Ingram, John Collins, and several other players and teams who are doing the same).

If everything goes right, players could officially be returning to their teams within a few weeks. It’s not the season that anyone wanted, but at least it can be salvaged. Keep up with TLSM for the latest updates on the NBA season.

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