Russell Westbrook is allegedly “ticked off” at Durant


When Kevin Durant left the Thunder, there has been rumors on Russell Westbrook and his future with the organization.  According to Yahoo Sports, Westbrook is not only “ticked off” at Durant for leaving OKC for the Warriors, but he isn’t planning on leaving OKC (well at least for this season).  Westbrook doesn’t want to sign a long term deal, which is why he’s involved in a few trade rumors.  The three teams that have been brought up the most for trading for Westbrook is the Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio Spurs, and Boston Celtics.  If Westbrook were to sign a one year deal and leave next year, the Thunder would get nothing in return.

With that being said, if he were to sign a one year deal with the Thunder, the league better watch out for him.  Durant said a few weeks back that his relationship with Westbrook “probably won’t ever be the same again,” which we kind of already figured.   An angry Russell Westbrook is the last thing any of the opponents want to run up against.  The Thunder would not only be an elite team with Westbrook, but they could make some noise in the post season.  With the addition of Victor Oladipo, this team could still be very dangerous.


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