Steven Adams on why he won’t even talk to Tim Duncan


Oklahoma City Thunder’s defender and enforcer, Steven Adams, is obviously known for his role as the agitator on his team. However, he’s still able to get along with many NBA personalities that aren’t on his team. But when it comes to the San Antonio Spurs’ legend, Tim Duncan, Steven Adams says he won’t even talk to him. When asked why here’s his response:

“He’s not really crazy athletic, but he like, destroys you, and he’s a nice guy. That was my biggest mistake as a rookie. I was hitting him all the time and he was having trouble with it. And then he came over and talked to me a bit. He was like, ‘Hey man, how are you?’ And I was like ‘Oh, what a nice guy.’ And then he just dropped 20 from there on. I told (assistant coach Mark Bryant) and he was like, that’s a vet move. Don’t do that. You can’t be nice.”

So how do you deal a with a guy like that?

“I don’t talk to him. He tries to talk to me. I’m stone-faced, looking at something else just trying to ignore him. That’s my game plan.”

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