DeMarcus Cousins’ Top 5 moments with the Kings


DeMarcus Cousins returns to Sacramento tonight in one of the most anticipated games in recent Kings’ history. He fought and battle for Sacramento and was truly beloved among fans. Ahead of first game back in Golden One, we take a look at DeMarcus Cousins’ top five moments with the Sacramento Kings.

1. Game-winning buzzer beater vs. the Suns

In the midst of probably his most tumultuous season, Cousins had his most clutch moment as a King. Sacramento was on its second coach of the season and had won only nine of its last 36 games after starting the season with a promising 9-5 record. Despite the struggles, Cousins was on the verge of his first all-star appearance and this game was a perfect reason why. The Kings had fought to a tight game against the Phoenix suns and found themselves in a tie with 2.5 seconds left. They were without two of their top three scorers in Rudy Gay and Darren Collison, so the final shot could only come from Cousins’ hands. It wasn’t until the following year that he really developed a reliable outside shot, so this was going to already be a tough shot. When he received the ball, Markieff Morris defended him very well, but Cousins took his shot and got the lucky bounce for the win.

2. Ejected then “unejected” while dropping 55 on the Trail Blazers

This was the most DeMarcus Cousins game of all time.  Cousins bullied Meyers Leonard and the Trail Blazers all game for 55 points and 14 rebounds. Still, in typical Kings fashion during the Cousins-era, the team trailed for the majority of the game and seemed primed to waste another monster performance from Cousins. That was until this moment. With just 36 seconds left in the game, Cousins muscled through Leonard to lay it in, take a two point lead, and draw a foul. Then, while walking away from the basket, he seemed to spit his mouthguard at the Trail Blazers’ bench. This prompted the referee to give Cousins his second technical of the game and eject him. However, the referees got together and decided that in wasn’t a technical and reinstated him into the game. Cousins sprinted back onto the court, hit the free throw, and the Kings won 126-121. The only thing that would have made this better is if he came back out to dense fog and the Undertaker’s theme song.

3. Monstrous dunk over Anthony Randolph

There are plenty of destructive Cousins dunks to chose from. His dunks over Jae Crowder, Mason Plumlee, and Danny Green are favorites of many, but I chose this dunk because it perfectly encapsulates his prowess. When he wants to be, Cousins is possibly the hardest player to defend in the NBA. Many have tried to battle with him in the paint, but he often plows right through them and scores with little difficulty. In this play against the Nuggets, the defender over bit and Cousins had a straight path to the hoop. With Cousins barreling full steam ahead, Anthony Randolph had the bright idea to step in his way. Needless to say, it did not end well for him.

4. Historic back-to-back triple-doubles

DeMarcus Cousins is arguably the best passing big man in the NBA. With that skill, he often looks to pass out of doubles and is always a triple-double threat. In April of 2015, Cousins dominated the Houston rockets with 24 points, 21 rebounds, and 10 assists. He followed that by racking up 24 points, 20 rebounds, and 13 assists against the New Orleans Pelicans. Cousins became the first player since Larry Bird in 1985 to have consecutive games with 20 points, 15 rebounds, and 10 assists. The Kings, however, lost both games.

5. “F*** Golden State”

For some, this was one of the worst moments in Cousins’ career and there was speculation that it was the last push Vivek Ranadive needed to approve trading him. Many Kings fans loved this moment though. They demand stars who are tough and feed into rivalries as much as they do. No one embodied this more than Cousins. He hated the Lakers. He hated the Clippers. He hated the Warriors. Even better, he made sure everyone knew it. Cousins’ literal “f*** you” to Golden State may have be the nail in the coffin for his time in Sacramento, but it showed that he truly understood the fanbase and what it meant to be a King.


About Jordan Schauberger

Jordan is a Sports Journalism student at American River College. He is a passionate NBA fan and unironically supports the Kings. #SacramentoProud

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