Almost-All-Star Tobias Still Having His Best Season


The past few weeks were full of advocating for Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris to be chosen to play in the 2021 All-Star game. The numbers are clear; these three Sixers have exactly what it takes to be all-stars.

However, only Embiid and Simmons were selected.

Despite not being picked for the All-Star game, Tobias Harris is having a phenomenal season thus far, averaging 20.7 points, 7.7 rebounds and 3.4 assists per game. In comparison to previous seasons, his scoring has been extremely consistent this year. Harris is shooting over 50% from the field, 40% from three, and almost 90% from the line.

Let’s take a look at some impressive moments from this year:

Sixers vs. Lakers, 1/27

There were only 11 seconds left to play, and the Sixers were down by one after squandering a double-digit, late-game lead to the Lakers. Harris scored the game-winning basket that was clutch enough for Daryl Morey to post about.

Sixers vs. Rockets, 2/17

Harris had 24 points, 15 rebounds, five assists, two blocks and a steal. He totaled his season-best boards, while also scoring more than 20 points for the second game in a row (and four of his previous six games).

Sixers vs. Jazz, 2/15

Harris was probably more in the shadow of Ben Simmons’s 42-point career-high game, but he still totaled 36 points himself. This was an impressive game from both individuals, as Tobias greatly contributed towards filling the massive gap left in Joel Embiid’s absence.

Old Friends

Could Harris’s current success have anything to do with Sixers head coach, Doc Rivers? This seems to be the best Harris has been since the two were together with the Clippers. When asked about this in early January, Harris said “that has been successful for my game that was successful in LA… I’d be selfish to say, ‘hey this is what Doc is doing for me.’ It’s more along of this is what Doc is doing for the whole team. That’s holding us accountable to playing the right style of basketball and a winning style of what he knows.”

Regardless of how he wants to say it, it is undeniable Harris has been at his best and most productive under Rivers instead of Brett Brown.

Though it feels as if Harris might have gotten snubbed, he should be reassured that people like Devin Booker and Khris Middleton will also be watching the game from their home televisions.

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