Back to the Drawing Board: Top 5 Teams that Need to Blow It All Up!


The NBA’s playoffs are well underway, and the microscope has been placed on the teams that have faltered when it matters the most. Outside of the young Boston Celtics, every team so far that has been eliminated has shown that they have major holes that need to be filled.

The following list will include teams that made the playoffs and teams that didn’t.  Teams whose rosters looked good on paper and showed flashes, but couldn’t get it done when it mattered the most. Now let’s take a look at the teams that need to BLOW IT ALL UP!

Houston Rockets

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The obvious choice for number one on this list, the Houston Rockets.  They have one of the best scorers in the league, James Harden, a former Defensive Player of the Year recipient, Dwight Howard, and a solid supporting cast (Ariza, Beverly, Beasley, etc..). On paper this team sounds like one that should be competing for a title, instead they were a team that barely made it to the playoffs with the final seed in the West. Against the Warriors, all their flaws were exposed and it was evident that the Rockets have a long way to go if they ever want to taste a title in this era. They were sent packing without the dominant Steph Curry playing the entire series, if there is any team that needs to be blown up it’s this one. If you need more proof of how bad things are in Houston, check the video below after a game winner made by James Harden. This roster needs to be shaken up.

Atlanta Hawks

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“Not this year” – Jeff Teague, unfortunately for the Atlanta Hawks it was just another year, and another sweep in the playoffs at the hands of LeBron James and the Cavaliers. The Hawks flew under the radar this season finishing 4th in the East, they played their style through their bigs, a style that lead them to the number one seed in the East last season, but it was not effective this season. Although they finished in the top five in the East, it was immediately evident how far they had to go if they expect to get past Cleveland in the playoffs. Al Horford and Jeff Teague, two pieces that had to play at a high level to even have a chance were unable to get it going at all this series, and Kyle “Threezus” Korver is a shell of his former self, he was a non-factor the entire series. One of the bright spots were Dennis Schroeder who emerged as the better option against the Cavaliers along with Milsap, but it was not enough.

Los Angeles Clippers

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A heartbreaking ending to the Clippers season, losing both Chris Paul and Blake Griffin to injury. They looked great in the first three games of their series against Portland and would have had the dream scenario in the second round, facing off against a Warriors team without Curry. It may sound harsh but the “Lob City” team needs to be blown up, it has not worked in the past, and although they were bounced early due to injury, can anyone say without a doubt that they would have taken down the Warriors, Spurs, or Thunder? Since Chris Paul joined the Clippers in 2011 we have a barrage of highlight reel plays from them, but it always ends the same way. A first or second round exit for a team that is loaded with talent, a few roster moves and they can be contenders.

Memphis Grizzlies

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Grit and Grind, that has been the motto and play style of the Memphis Grizzlies for over half a decade since Zach Randolph joined the team. Their identity is simple, smother you on defense and score points in the paint, and for the most part it has worked. The Grizzlies are always near the top for defense and are a threat to whoever they play when it comes to the playoffs, the 2013 Thunder and Clippers can attest to that notion. The Grizzlies gritted and grinded their way all the way to the Western Conference Finals that season before running into the formidable Spurs and losing that series in 4. After an injury riddled season, the Grizzlies did what they do best and fought their way into the playoffs, but it was immediately evident how far the disparity between the Grizzlies and the rest of the Playoff contenders were. It is time to lay the Grit and Grind mentality to rest.

Chicago Bulls

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The roster shake up should have happened once coach Thibs was fired, besides the Hawks, this Bulls team is one Eastern Conference team that needs major changes done. The front office seems to not have an idea which direction they want to go in, with Jimmy Butler’s emergence last season many assumed that they would build around him and ship former MVP Derrick Rose off, but reports say the complete opposite. Failing to make the Playoffs in the Eastern Conference should be an eye opener for the Chicago Front Office, this roster needs to be completely overhauled before they can talk about contending for a title again.

Honorable Mentions: Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings, New York Knicks, Washington Wizards, and Utah Jazz.

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