Clippers Fans Will Love Wall


All of us who play sports know what it’s like when a new player joins your team.

Some of us are excited or even nervous. However, one of the best experiences in sports is getting to know someone new.

Let’s get to know John Wall.


NBA players spend so much time honing their craft they become obsessive. In order to ensure a healthy mindset while pouring this much time towards one goal, they need an escape. For Wall, he told CSN’s Chris Miller that his escape is bowling.

While bowling at the White House, Wall demonstrated his interesting bowling form. While it does look strange, a spare is a spare, and John Wall is a very good bowler.

In an interview with Chris Miller, Wall was asked if he thought he could go pro, he said “If I put the work in, totally. I average like 165 without putting the work into it.”

A score of 165 definitely won’t be winning him any PBA tours, but much like former NBA champion J.R. Smith, Wall could take up another sport after his NBA career. J.R. currently plays golf for North Carolina A&T Athletics, and was even named academic athlete of the year.


John Wall shared his love for dogs with NBC Sports Washington back in 2019. Wall is the proud father of five dogs, consisting of three pit bulls and two French bulldogs.

His three pit bulls are, brother and sister, Lucky and Diamond, as well as Dark Knight. If you’re wondering if he named his dog after the Movie Dark Knight Rises, you would be correct. Lastly, the two French Bulldogs, Southside and Raleigh, are named after where he grew up.

Wall also has partnered with the Humane Rescue Alliance. The HRA is an organization that rescues animals and helps get them adopted so they can live better lives. He even appeared in a PSA for the HRA with two of his dogs Southside and Raleigh.

Wall told the HRA “The companionship of dogs has always been an important part of my life and I am proud to help encourage others to discover the joy of pet ownership through my work with the Humane Rescue Alliance.”

Wall also included the HRA in his Back to School events. In these events he would throw a field day for public-school students in D.C. and gave the kids school supplies for the upcoming year.

After learning that Wall loves dogs, bowling and giving back to the community he sounds like a pretty great guy. Not everyone is perfect, however.

He is a Cowboys fan.


Everyone is entitled to choose to root for whatever NFL team they want too. Some people just make better choices than others.

Wall got himself into an interesting predicament back in Washington. When Wall told the world he was Cowboys fan, and even wore a Cowboys jersey at a Washington home game, the Washington fans did not take it too well.

Wall had some choice words for those critical of his Cowboys fandom.

He told Chris Miller “The difference is, was you a Steph Curry fan before the last two years?” Wall asked. “I’ve been a Cowboys fan since I was born. I was a momma’s boy. That’s the team I grew up watching play. It ain’t like I just switched to the Cowboys all of a sudden when I got to D.C.”

To be fair to Wall, becoming a fan of a sports team because it’s your mother’s favorite team is a very respectable reason.

Unlike the Dallas Cowboys the L.A. Clippers plan on making a deep playoff run. They are one of the deepest teams in the league and are looking great this offseason.


How ‘Bout them Clippers?

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