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Darius Garland: The Commodore Conundrum


We’re now just two days away from the 2019 NBA Draft. Next up on our lottery breakdowns is Vanderbilt’s Darius Garland.


Garland is an elite shooter. Coming out of high school and during his few games in college, Garland was deadeye from three-point range. He’s able to get his shot off the dribble or the catch. Garland can step back and create space for a high-percentage shot. He has great handles as well as footwork that allow him to get to his spots. The threat of Garland’s jumper allows him to get into driving lanes. His speed allows him to blow by defenders and he has a solid understanding of when to change speeds. Garland also has average passing instincts and can find the open man when the defense collapses. He has a strong work ethic and is a known competitor who will do the little things to win a game.


First and foremost, Garland is coming off of a torn MCL. It is unknown how this will affect his quick feet and speed. Garland already lacks defensive upside due to his frame. His injury may effect this already weak aspect of his game negatively. His passing instincts are not elite, although there. He finished with more turnovers than assists at Vanderbilt. Garland is not physically impressive, and struggles to finish against bigger and stronger opponents. He will need to get bigger and more creative in order to drive in the NBA. Oftentimes, Garland becomes too enamored with his shot and will need to improve his shot selection.


Garland has soared up most draft boards recently, but at Draft Lead we are lower on him than most. People seem to have fallen in love with the idea of Garland over what he really is. He showed vast amounts of potential in college, however he wasn’t able to prove himself against elite competition. His injury raises flags as well. Despite all this, Garland is still a strong prospect who looks to be drafted in the early lottery. His ability to play on and off the ball is enticing, and his work ethic is attractive. As long as he fully recovers from his injury, Garland has the potential to become an above average starter and maybe even an occasional all-star.

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