Did the Warriors Meet Their Offseason Needs?


With 13 roster spots filled, the Golden State Warriors have solidified its rotation, for now. After trading for Chris Paul and drafting Brandin Podziemski and Trayce Jackson-Davis, the Warriors have at least one more roster spot up for grabs.

Their free agency was not as exciting as that of other teams, but they made the signings they thought would make an immediate impact. Draymond Green re-signed on a pretty team-friendly contract (four years, $100 million) with a player option for the fourth year.

They also signed veteran point guard Cory Joseph who spent the last three seasons in Detroit. Their most recent signing was Dario Šarić. Šarić was one of the first names that was linked to the Warriors even before free agency. He fills that stretch big role that they desperately needed last season.

It is clear that Mike Dunleavy and the front office wanted to correct all of the roster mistakes from last season. Let’s evaluate these moves and see how the new signings can help the Warriors make another title run.

Draymond Green – Grade: A

Dunleavy stressed that getting Draymond Green back was the team’s top priority. The deal was announced right as the clock struck 3 PM PST on June 30th — the start of free agency.

The most important decision-makers in the franchise have been vocal about Green’s importance in winning another title. He is their defensive anchor, vocal leader and the “heart of the team” as referred to by Coach Kerr.

If Green was not on the Warriors, it would be a signal that the organization is moving in a completely different direction. Although there were rumors about the Kings and Pistons being able to offer him more money, Green leaving would be the biggest gut punch to Stephen Curry, Steve Kerr and Klay Thompson.

The Warriors take a lot of pride in knowing that their core stuck together through thick and thin. Keeping Green at a solid salary also helped Joe Lacob save some tax money.

Overall, it was the right decision to get the re-signing done as soon as possible. It is a win for everyone involved.

Cory Joseph – Grade: B-

The Warriors signed Cory Joseph two days into free agency. It is not the flashiest or most intriguing veteran-minimum signing, but it’s a move that makes sense.

The 6-foot-3 point guard has spent the last 13 years of his career playing for the Spurs, Raptors, Pacers, Kings and Pistons. He is a classic NBA journeyman who has had a solid career. Joseph started out on the Spurs playing for Gregg Popovich. Since then, he’s bounced around, adding a veteran presence as a backup guard for rebuilding teams.

Joseph averaged 6.9 points and 3.5 assists per game on 38.9% from three in 62 games last season. He will not wow you with electric plays, nor does he have an elite skill. What he does bring is good decision-making, a calming presence and someone who will control the pace for the Warriors whenever he plays.

With the same idea behind the Chris Paul addition, Joseph will be a guard that can support the other players on the court. He had his highest assist percentage of his career last year with the Pistons at 25.4%.

The reason why this is signing a B- is because there were objectively at least two better additions out there at the time of the signing — Eric Gordon and Austin Rivers. Gordon was reportedly choosing between the Suns and Warriors, but ended up signing with Phoenix.

Rivers and Gordon are more dynamic options compared to Joseph, while still providing that veteran presence. Joseph is still a solid addition and the reasoning is understandable. If they did not sign another guard, they would be forced to play Podziemski at that spot or put more miles on Curry or Paul.

Dario Šarić – Grade: A-

After much anticipation and some doubt that it would happen, the Warriors got their guy. The Damian Lillard trade request added a bit of drama to free agency, with guys waiting to see where he would go to make a decision. Šarić was one of those players waiting around.

If you are familiar with Šarić’s game, it’s easy to see how well his skillset matches what the Warriors look for in a big. He has some playmaking ability, especially in dribble handoffs and the pick and roll. He is also a floor spacer, shooting 39.1% from three this past season with Phoenix and Oklahoma City.

Šarić fills the role that Otto Porter and Nemanja Bjelica had during the 2022 title season. He also has a good synergy with Chris Paul, who he teamed up with on the Suns. The Athletic’s Anthony Slater reported that Paul was a “vocal fan of the pickup.” It is certain that those two will be able to run the second unit’s offense well together.

Getting Šarić helps make the front office feel good about their offseason. He rounds out the front-court rotation, something the Warriors lacked last season. Šarić isn’t the defensive stretch-big they could have signed, but those types of players get a lot more money on the open market. He was their best option at the veteran minimum.

The move is graded an A- because Šarić fits exactly what the Warriors need in a backup big. Kerr will find him plenty of minutes throughout the season, and he’ll have a prominent role in the playoffs.


The next question for the front office is figuring out who gets the 14th roster spot. Dunleavy has mentioned that they plan to enter the season with 14 roster spots because of the tax implications.

They have two intriguing prospects from their Summer League team, Lester Quiñones and Gui Santos. The front office will presumably stick to their word and only sign one of them. They will most likely both be invited to training camp if they don’t get picked up by another team after Summer League.

Quiñones is a wing with shooting and scoring upside. In Santa Cruz last season, he won the G-League’s Most Improved Player Award. He was able to further develop his ball handling and creation off the dribble.

Santos is a do-it-all type of forward. He does not have a defined NBA skill but he’s very versatile. His defensive awareness and fundamentals need some work, but his skillset could fit the big league squad if he keeps improving.


The Warriors bolstered their depth and complimented the current timeline with all of their signings. Joseph and Šarić are Warriors-type of role players that will fit seamlessly into what the team wants to do.

The Draymond Green signing was their first priority and it ended up being the first deal reported on in free agency. Golden State’s championship trio gets their “Last Dance,” except it will be over several seasons.

The 14th roster spot won’t have an impact on how the next season goes, but it’s important to see who the Warriors may want to develop next. Kerr and the rest of the coaching staff have had a hard time in recent years developing young prospects, so it could be a story of intrigue down the line.

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