DiVincenzo’s Recent Struggles a Concern for Bucks?


Bubble Trouble

There were plenty of unknowns heading into the restart of the 2020 NBA season. So far, the bubble has proven to work better than anyone could have hoped for. It seems like certain individuals did not falter, but Milwaukee hasn’t quite performed up to par. One player who has struggled a bit, though, is Donte DiVincenzo.

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Now, it would not be fair to compare Donte to his MVP teammates, but what has some concerned is he has fallen flat in games compared to March. A solid role player coming off the bench, DiVincenzo gave the team an energy boost at both ends of the court. Down in Orlando, though, he must fix his sloppiness as soon as possible.

Turnover Woes

To begin play in Orlando, Bud inserted Donte to starter with Eric Bledsoe arriving later after testing positive for coronavirus. What started as a promotion, however, turned into many asking for a demotion. Many understood that he would bring a different set of skills to the court than Bledsoe. He has averaged 22.5 minutes a game in his seven games, with only an average of eight points per game. Low scoring can be made up of stellar passing and defense, but he lacks in both categories. DiVincenzo also averaged over 2.5 turnovers a game.


Fans could easily see this sloppiness against Brooklyn, Toronto and especially Memphis, where Donte turned the ball over five times. You cannot win a game if a player keeps handing the ball over, which the Bucks have struggled with.

Playoff Depth

The advantage Milwaukee has had over other teams is their guard depth. From Bledsoe to George Hill, to Donte, it has been a smooth transition throughout the season. Ultimately though, the time off has seemed to scramble the rotation. Donte’s performance has been tough to witness the past few weeks. If the Bucks want to be successful deep into the playoffs, we must expect cleaned-up play from DiVincenzo.

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It has been stated that since Milwaukee has clinched the number one seed in the Eastern Conference, sloppy play can be excused. All of that excuse-making must stop, though, as round one is here with the Orlando Magic. As much as most expect an easy series, the competition only gets tougher, and the Bucks must be fully focused. Donte is facing his personal inferno, and hopefully, he is passing through the 9th and final circle.

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