Do The Clippers Have Too Many Guys?


Depth and wings are two of the most important things that an NBA team can have.

But when does having too many players become an issue?

With the Clippers off to a disappointing start, now is a good time to evaluate what is going on with the rotation.

The Clips have 12 players who have been or are currently in the rotation.

For clarity, the players will be put into three groups: out of the rotation, bench and starters.


These two players have been in LA’s rotation in the past, but this year, their minutes have been drastically cut.

Starting with Amir Coffey, who played just under 23 minutes a game last year— even starting 30 games for the shorthanded Clips. In lieu of Kawhi Leonard‘s return, it makes sense why his minutes were cut.

Coffey hasn’t performed to the level he did the previous season. However, he hasn’t really been given a chance.

Regardless, it’s not that big of a deal that a deep-cut Clippers player isn’t getting a lot of minutes.

What is a big deal, though, is that Robert Covington is getting paid just over $12 million to play 16 minutes a game. When compared to Coffey’s contract (just under $3.4 million) it exacerbates the problem. It is a waste of money for the Clips and a waste of Covington’s time and abilities for him to be in such a diminished role.

Especially when they already have an option that is much cheaper.

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This group consists of Terance Mann, Reggie Jackson, John Wall, Norman Powell and Nicolas Batum.

While many of these players can start for the Clippers, their role can change daily. These six players all get over 20 minutes a game, resulting in players getting fewer minutes than they should.

The team has 11 players receiving over 15 minutes a game.

To put things in perspective, the last three NBA champions all had less than 11 players receiving over 15 minutes a game in the playoffs. The 2022 Warriors and 2021 Bucks had eight, and the 2020 Lakers had nine.

NBA fans know how rotations get shortened come playoff time, but the Clips have 12 players deserving of playing time. The caveat here is that instead of three or four bench players receiving 20-25 minutes in the playoffs they either all have reduced minutes or a select few get benched.

To make the issue an even-bigger deal, the Clippers have one of the most expensive teams in the NBA. Benching even two of these players will result in tens of millions sitting on the pine.

Much like the players’ minutes, the team’s cap is spread out very thin.


The starters consist of Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Marcus Morris, and Ivica Zubac.

These four players start every game they are not sidelined.

While their minutes per game aren’t directly affected by having too many guys, who they share the court with each game is. When compared to some of the top starting lineups in the West, the Clips really lack the reps.

According to Cleaning the Glass (Jan. 22nd.), the Kings’ most-played lineup has 1,060 possessions together, the Nuggets have 768, and the Warriors have 655. In comparison, the Clippers most-played lineup has only played 328 possessions together. These numbers really manifest how important reps are in order for teammates to click.

Even though the Warriors have also been struggling this year, their problems are anything but their starting lineup.

In order to avoid millions sitting on the bench come April, the Clippers will need to explore trade options. Preferably a trade sacrificing some depth for an upgrade.

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