House Starting to Unlock His True Potential


The Houston Rockets just finished their 10th game of the year and are currently 7-3. Needless to say, it’s a solid start to the year largely propelled by their normal stars in James Harden and Russell Westbrook. But a big part of the team this year so far and for the future has been Danuel House. This past season House signed a three-year/$11.1 million deal, so it seems like a good spot to take a look at the early returns on that contract.

Improved Efficiency

We all know the Rockets like to shoot a lot of threes, and House has been pretty damn good at it this year. In his first season with the Rockets, House shot 41% on 4.6 attempts from three. These were already good numbers, but so far this season they have been even better. This season he is putting up 5.5 threes a game, hitting at a 45% clip.

To go along with his improved three-point shooting are his improved two-point field goal and free throw percentage. So far, he is shooting 52% on two pointers and 81% from the line. All of this improved shooting has culminated in better offensive production. This can be seen readily in the Rockets recent game against Warriors where he dropped 17 points.


If House continues to shoot the way he has so far, both he and the Rockets are on their way to a very good season.

Defensive Intensity

The biggest improvement in House’s game from last season has to be his dedication to the defensive side of the floor. While PJ Tucker still usually draws opposing teams best wing player, it’s been House who has lined up against teams next best weapon. He’s shown a great ability to be able to stay in front of his guy and rotates very well for a guy with such little NBA experience. Houston’s starting lineup would actually be the number one team in defensive rating, and that is largely because of House’s improvement on that end.

Not only has his positional defense been a plus this year, but House has also been a turnover-causing machine. He is averaging 1.2 steals and 1.0 blocks per game. His ballhawk skills were very much on display in the Rockets recent game against the Bulls where he had a whopping 6 steals!

With the way, the Rockets can put up points, if House can get them even more possessions the Rockets are going to be very dangerous.

Future Is Bright For House

House makes an average salary of $3.7 million per year. Being an efficient 3-and-D player for that cheap is already a steal. The thing to remember with House is that he still has only played a total of 80 games including last year’s playoffs. He still hasn’t played an entire season and should have a ton of potential left to be unlocked.

He already has shown he has the ability to put the ball on the floor and be a playmaker. If the Rockets and D’Antoni are able to turn that ability into a more consistent occurrence then the Rockets could have the piece to put them over the top. There’s still a lot of work to be done but the start of the season has shown both the Rockets and House should have a good season ahead of them.

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