Are the Jazz any Threat come Playoff Time?


As someone who watches the NBA regularly, I do not get to see much of Utah Jazz basketball. I do know however, that they went on an amazing run after the all star break, ending the season 19-10 after a 19-34 start. The last time the Jazz made it to the postseason was in the 2011-2012 campaign, where they finished 36-30 (it was the lockout year) and came in at the 8 seed. They got swept by the San Antonio Spurs. So for Jazz fans, it has been a long time since they felt the thrill of playoff success.

Could this year be any different? I personally do not expect the Jazz to win more than a game in the playoffs. Utah has made improvements, developing their players like Rudy Gobert, and Gordon Hayward. These guys do not have playoff experience. Also, the likely spots for the Jazz are the 7 seed where they would face, you guessed it, San Antonio, or the 8 seed where they would face the Golden State Warriors.

So you might ask, what was the point of writing this article just to say the Jazz could get demolished in the playoffs? Well Jazz fans, not every loss is a loss. Utah is in the mix of a tight playoff race with Dallas and Houston, so if they can come out of that with a spot in the playoffs, fans should be content with that. Also, the Jazz have actually played well in their last 10 games, going 7-3, which has gotten them in the lead of the race with the Rockets and Mavericks, who have crumbled in their last 10 games, Houston 4-6 and Dallas 2-8. Jazz fans should rejoice at the fact that they have a team willing to compete and a team that is willing to win when it matters most. If they do make the postseason, getting swept by the Spurs or Warriors will not be that bad. Fans witnessed last year a Pelicans team with no playoff experience battle a loaded Warriors team, and New Orleans was satisfied with the effort of the team even though they lost. Let’s just hope the Jazz do not all get injured next year like the Pelicans did this year. We also saw a Brooklyn team somehow win 2 games against the #1 seeded Hawks in the playoffs last year.

What I am saying is that, the Jazz will most likely make the playoffs. If they do, fans cannot be disappointed in a sweep or if the team wins 1 game. They should be excited that their young team is making noise in the league, and giving the toughest teams good games and satisfying the fans. The Jazz have a nice young nucleus, and if they can keep the pieces together over time, there will be playoff series down the line that they will win, however it all starts now with the team gaining experience.

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