Kings Giving Fans The Times of Their Lives


Sacramento has gone crazy over their Kings.  They’re having the time of their lives!

When the Kings started the season, the hope was that they would be at least a “play-in” team.  The playoffs?  Well, that was a dream for only a few to dare.

When the Kings started 0-4, certainly thoughts of the past 16 years flashed in front of fearful eyes.

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But now, up 2-0 on the defending-champion Golden State Warriors, you can’t begrudge Kings fans for being a little wacky, crazy and in a celebratory mood.

Inside the arena, as is custom after a victory, a Kings player Lights the Beam.  Malik Monk got the honor after the Game 2 win.

And outside, the party was also in full stride.


The knock on the Kings all year has been their defense, or lack of it.  But they showed in Game 2 that they can play defense… at least sometimes.  TNT’s Charles Barkley was one person who was impressed.


The Kings’ top defensive player all year has been Davion Mitchell.  As Barkley noted, Mitchell played a key role in the Kings’ defensive effort in Game 2.  Here’s just one example.

As big as Mitchell was on the defensive end, his corner three may have been the biggest shot of the game for the Kings.  It put them up nine with 1:17 left.

Davion’s efforts on the defensive end earned him another Defensive Player Of the Game award.

Mitchell proudly wore the DPOG Chain to the post-game media session.

Outstanding defense from Mitchell is expected.  It didn’t take him long to earn a reputation for being a tough on-ball defender.  Mitchell didn’t need to be introduced to another Mitchell, Donovan Mitchell.  The two are friends, but last year, as a rookie, Davion showed Donovan the type of on-ball defense Kings fans have come to expect from a guy that’s nicknamed “Off-Night”…

So where did Davion get the nickname “Off-Night”?  Let’s let him explain.


A 2-0 lead in the series is nice.  Kings players are happy to see the fans celebrating, but they are certainly aware that the team hasn’t punched their ticket yet to a second-round matchup.  Malik Monk says the Kings are taking things one game at a time.


Draymond Green and Domantas Sabonis got wrapped up on the floor with about seven minutes remaining in the game, creating what is now the infamous Draymond-Domas incident.

Sabonis received a technical foul for grabbing Green’s ankle.  Green was given a Flagrant Two and subsequent ejection for what appeared to be him stomping on Domas’ chest.

Before being ejected, Draymond engaged the Kings crowd…

Kings fans have their feelings about the incident.

Sabonis is one of the toughest players in the league.  It seems he has been hit in the face at least once in every game this year— multiple times in some games.  He has played with a broken thumb on his right hand since late December.

Fortunately, he has survived Draymond’s chest stomp.

And so this Northern California rivalry has heated up, but it is far from over.

Game three will be Thursday night at the Chase Center in San Francisco.  Will Draymond be suspended?  Or will he miss the game because of an injury?

The fireworks are sizzling.  The Kings had the best road record (25-16) in the West.  The Warriors were nearly unbeatable at home.  They had the third-best home record (33-8) among all teams in the NBA.

The Kings’ goal to start the season was to make the playoffs.  They did that.  Any playoff success is like a cherry on top of the sundae.

A 2-0 start against the defending champs feels really good and has Kings fans dreaming bigger dreams!

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