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Off-Season Closing

After an NBA off-season for the ages, we are less than a month away before the regular season tips off (!!!!). That means we’ll soon be able to break down rotations, stats, schedule, and all the other hot topics. Since we do still have a few weeks before it gets serious again, let’s take a look at an underrated aspect of the Milwaukee Bucks’ off-season: The combining of the inscrutable Lopez Brothers.

Official Nickname?

First, I missed the final vote or memo on what we are going to give them as an official moniker. Are we going LoBros? Is it BroPez? Brook was known as ‘Splash Mountain,’ so maybe Twin Peaks? I like that one, but a delectable chain of family restaurants already copyrights it. For this article, I’m going to call them LoBros. If voters ousted that nickname off the island, I’m sure I’ll figure that out shortly and will change my tune.

LoBros’ First Impression

I was not a fan at first, only because they knocked out my Marquette Golden Eagles in the 2008 NCAA Tournament when they both played at Stanford. Brook hit a game-winner in overtime. Also, as a general hater, I was upset that they could be that young and tall, yet also somehow not be awkward in their cartoonish bodies. The kicker was: they were also scholastically savvy enough to attend Stanford? Come on, share the wealth, gentlemen.

Twins Brook, left, and Robin Lopez, pose for a photo in March 2006 in the Fresno bedroom they shared. Filled with toys, comic books and memorabilia, it gave a hint to their eclectic nature.


First Came Brook

Once we signed Brook, I thought it was a solid pick-up. It had been about a decade since the tournament game, and my grudges tend to have a statute of limitations. ‘This could be a key piece for a Bucks team to get out of the first round finally. I wished we had gotten a guy who could shoot three-pointers and stretch the defense, though.’ Well… turns out that was precisely what he could do!

The first test of my loyalty came when my Dad and I attended the Phoenix Suns game when Brook shot 0-12 on threes. Rarely do I get a chance to go home to Milwaukee and catch a game, and this is what I get? A loss to the Suns? From a glass-half-full perspective, however, 1) My dad and I got to see history, and 2) It epitomizes Coach Budenholzer and his belief in the “Let it Fly” system. The next game, Brook made a quick three in the first quarter. Kudos to Coach Bud for sticking with his guys.

Then Came Robin

But… then they signed Robin. Okay, I know we needed another big body on the bench. However, now I recall my parent’s basement watching these two beat Marquette and ruin my bracket. Plus now we have the one with the goofy hair? I had to stop my instinctive reaction of being too quick to judge. I mean if another newly acquired Milwaukee Buck (and Marquette Alum) Wesley Matthews could become good friends with him, I should certainly be able to come around.

Well, I did. And it didn’t take long.

Twitter Antics

I started following Robin on Twitter and was laughing out loud and the treasure trove I had found within minutes. Here are a couple of examples:

Then, of course, there’s the “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” clip from Jimmy Kimmel:

Mascot Beef

Possibly the most notorious of Robin’s charades is his hatred of mascots. And he likes to beat them up during game intermissions. He keeps a deadpan face the whole process. Here’s the aftermath of one of them: (There are plenty of five+ minute video montages all over the internet, feel free to look those up.)

Our beloved Bango should be out of harm’s way for at least one season. That is, of course, when he (or she) isn’t doing stuff like this:

Brook and Robin’s Interesting Brotherly Dynamic

As previously mentioned, it will have been over a decade since Robin and Brook have played on the same team. Sure, I assume they play together in off-season pick-up games. But this is going to be different. They love to talk trash to each other. Bucks media should be salivating for the juicy comedy gold that these two will offer off (and sometimes, I’m sure, on) the court.

Robin was already in mid-season form when he had an opportunity to troll his brother and old friend Wes during this Q&A during the Bucks official Marketing Day:

I have no idea how this will work in reality. How will Robin fit into the rotation? How many minutes will they get on the court together? Will they feed off each other or choke each other out before the season is up? It’s anyone’s guess, but one fact is sure, it will be an entertaining ride.

So for any Bucks fan that isn’t intrigued by the move to sign Robin Lopez, get on board! Let’s have fun with it. We have a great team on the court, and now we might have one of the most unpredictably amusing teams off the court in the league as well. Post-game pressers may never be the same.

I’ll leave with this interview from Brook that explains some of their relationship nuances. This year is going to be a great season Bucks fans. In the infamous words of Bart Scott: “Can’t wait!”

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