Michael Jordan Speaks About The Killing Of Keith Scott


Keith Lamont Scott, an alleged unarmed black male was shot and killed by a police officer in Charlotte, after the police were searching for another suspect.  The death of Mr. Scott has drew a lot of attention nation wide, so much that Michael Jordan has stepped up to try to calm the city down.  There is anger throughout the city, after violent protest have broken out.  Riot police had to intervene and use tear gas to disperse the crowd.

During a press release, Jordan expressed his condolences and the need for everyone to come together in peace:

“First, I want to express my condolences to the Scott family for their loss. I also wish for a full recovery to those who have been injured.  In light of the tragic events of the past three days, it is more important than ever that we restore calm and come together, as a community, in peaceful demonstration and conversation, and in constructive and non-violent ways. As part of the fabric of Charlotte, the Hornets organization is committed to working with civic leaders, our elected leaders and law enforcement to foster more trust, transparency and understanding so we can heal and grow together as a community.”

If anyone could relate to the family of Scott, and the pain that they are going through it’s Michael Jordan.  Jordan’s father was murdered in 1993 by two teenagers, while taking a nap on the side of the highway after a long drive.

Typically Jordan tries to stay out of the media when concerning social issues, but after the death of Alton Sterling and the Dallas Police officers, he has been more vocal and active.  Jordan stated that he’s “deeply troubled by the deaths of African-Americans at the hands of law enforcement and angered by the cowardly and hateful targeting and killing of police officers.”

Jordan has been very active in the community within the last few months after donating $1 million to community organizations, and another $1 million to law enforcement.

The Charlotte Hornets team shop was also damaged during the riots.

Michael Jordan


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