MVP candidates NOT Named Steph Curry


    Last week my fellow writer on NBALead, Joe discussed why Steph Curry SHOULDN’T be the NBA MVP, so this weekend we will take a look at some people not named Curry that should be on your NBA MVP Radar. This article won’t go insanely in depth but it will give you a brief run down on why each one of the guys is reasonable NBA MVP candidates.

LeBron James – Forward – Cleveland Cavaliers

Stat line: 24.9 PPG/6.6 APG/7.3 RPG

I mean is it an MVP list without LeBron? I don’t think so. The King, dare I say “quietly” is still having an MVP year regardless of what anyone says about his 3 PT shooting. The Cavs are currently first in the East led by LeBron and have the third-best record in the NBA. LeBron is doing it all and is on a one-way mission to bringing a title to his City. 

thomas-isaiah42015-us-news-getty-ftr_1wk41qt4nac141rvvt6boylk00-1Isaiah Thomas – Guard – Boston Celtics

Stat line: 21.9 PPG/6.6 APG/2.9 RPG

  Even though the Celtics are on a 3 game losing streak as I’m writing this, Isaiah still should be in this race without a doubt. At 5’9 he is averaging 22/7/3 rounded as you see above and has a team that at the beginning of the season was thought to maybe be the 7th seed, now they are 5th seed. In the last 5 games Boston is 1-4, but he is averaging 25.8/4.0 and 3.2, so he is still getting contributing and trying to keep them in the top 3 race with the absence of Jae Crowder.

Kevin Durant – Forward – Oklahoma City Thunder

State line: 28.1 PPG/ 4.8 APG / 8.2 RPG

As mentioned above about LeBron, is it really a MVP talk without Kevin Durant? The Former MVP is once again proving why he is a top 3 player in the NBA and for good reason. The Thunder are third in the much better Western Conference, they have the 4th best record in the NBA and he is doing it all for his team. Almost averaging a triple double there isn’t much you can say Durant ISNT doing for OKC, besides winning against the top teams, but I digress. Other than that his stats, on court play, and how he is leading his team all put him on this list.

kawhi-leonard-051514-ap-ftrjpg_1ftmofnrvgidl1kq3jifyhb14eKawhi Leonard – Forward – San Antonio Spurs

Stat line: 21.0 PPG/ 2.5 APG / 6.8 RPG

Best permitter  defender in the NBA, his team has the second-best record in the NBA, and they could arguably be the best team in the NBA come playoff time. Why wouldn’t he be on the list? Kawhi has officially put Aldridge and Tim Duncan on the back burner, and who would have thought that heading into the season. He is doing everything from shooting to playing incredible defense like mentioned before, so KawhiNot put him on this list?

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