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From last season to this one the Charlotte Hornets have turned things around with a very successful season. They are currently in a three way tie with the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat for the fourth, fifth and sixth seed positions in the Eastern Conference. After so many disappointing seasons before changing their namesake back to the Hornets it is a nice sight as they compete for upper seeding in the East. They are led by the criminally underrated Kemba Walker, who like Portland’s Damian Lillard was snubbed from the All-Star game and has been showing the league how mad he is about it.


Stinging Opponents


Over the past 10 games Walker has stunned opposing teams by averaging 26.2 points, 5.4 rebounds and 6.5 assists per game on 49.1 percent shooting. His opponents just can’t seem to control the Hornet’s leader and even if they do corral him he will just dish it to either Al Jefferson or Nicolas Batum to make a play. His versatility opens up the potential for each of his teammates to shine when he is distracting the other team. His shooting can break open or extend leads in an instant and over the season he has been shooting an okay 38.3 percent of his long ranged attempts. He is the full package when it comes to an offensive threat and the perfect complement for the Hornet’s lineup.


Impacting the Team


Even though he is not the best defender at his position Walker still brings his all every night and you can immediately tell the impact he has on that side of the court. He commands his teammates and sets up nearly every play night in and night out. Each game he brings his all and expects every other member of the roster does the same. Even when he is having an off night he still tries his hardest to get his team the win. When he steps onto the court he becomes the kind of player that any team would love to have making plays for them. His leadership and tenacity is only part of the impact he has made on the up and coming Charlotte team.


Walker Playing for the Future


The aficionados will tell you that the Hornet’s chances of making or winning the NBA Finals this year are pretty slim and most fans would agree. The chance is always there for the underdogs to get there but it is never a favored path. That means that the spectacle that Kemba Walker and his crew are playing for the future. They are playing to attract free agents and prove that they can compete with anyone. The goal is to attract bigger players to their smaller market so that the franchise can improve as a whole and become the favored party to win it all. The strong outing they are showing now appears to have made an impact that might sway some big named players to take the Hornets more seriously in the coming off season.


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