NBA Draft Preview: The Phifth Quarter Edition


Tonight is the night. It’s the first day of summer and draft day is upon us.  What’s worse than that? In the latest top ten best available via ESPN, the Sixers are projected to draft Shai Gligeous-Alexander at the tenth spot. Do they intend to keep their tenth slot selection? I reached out to some of my friends who you may know from our show: “The Phifth Quarter Podcast” (@thephifthq) who broadcast through Wildfire Radio. The game were going to play today is “Who, Woah, and Will” where the five of us share who the Sixers should draft, who they shouldn’t, and what they think will actually come of their draft night move (i.e trade or drafting of a certain player).

David Fenster (@davidfenster_tu)

Who: For my who, I’m going to select Mikal Bridges. Not because he’s the most talked about name amongst the Philadelphia fan base, it’s because his versatility on both ends of the floor would be the missing piece to the puzzle that led to the Sixers collapse in their playoff run. Being a small forward, you might say “oh that might hurt our chances of landing Kawhi or LeBron, PG, etc.” However, drafting Bridges will only allow him to learn from guys who can play two ways and still get quality playing time while making the Sixers a deeper roster. Him and Covington would work very well behind any of those three super stars. Bridges being from Villanova (as much as Temple Owls don’t like to associate Nova with Philadelphia) will also give Philadelphia a local kid who is eager to make his mark in the league, which can’t go overseen.

Woah: My “Woah” is gonna be Shai Gligeous-Alexander from Kentucky. I honestly don’t see how a guy who is 180 lbs is going to last in the league. He’s a skilled player, but when I watch his highlights that’s all I see. There are plenty of smart players in the NBA that will be able to out muscle him. Being a 180 lb SG gives him a quickness advantage over other guards but what happens when he tries to drive into the paint? I think most Kentucky products have well rounded knowledge of the game, but if you can’t size up, you wont last.

Will: Lastly, what I actually think is going to happen that the Sixers are going to draft Kevin Knox. He was offered a second workout and the Knicks have strong interest in Mikal Bridges. Knox has the size to match up with NBA players. But he only averaged 6.7 rebounds per 40 minutes in his most recent stint with the Wildcats. One of his negatives on ESPN that I noted was his tendency to shoot the three ball when he should try and size up instead. I personally don’t think that it’s a bad thing to want to shoot the three. If he’s getting a second look by the Sixers, they must see that his shot has potential. Playing alongside Ben, Joel, and Fultz will give them size and shooting, which is a strong need.

Joe Rutowski (@Jrut2147):

Who: I believe the Sixers should draft Mikal Bridges out of Villanova University with the 10th pick in the draft. The 6’6” forward from Nova is an excellent three point shooter and has the athleticism to not only defend around the perimeter, but the rim as well.

Woah: I do not want the Sixers to draft Trae Young because of the volume at which he shoots. I believe could have the ceiling to be the next Steph Curry, but the floor for this Oklahoma Sooner prospect could be the basement cellar.


Will: On draft day I believe the Sixers will either try to trade up or sit tight and pick at 10. The Sixers have to feel the pressure to hit on a draft pick this year with a need to surround Joel and Ben Simmons with quality shooters.

Ryan Haase (@haase1013):

Who: If we did stay at 10, I would like to see Lonnie Walker become a Sixer. He is a local product from Reading, and I feel Bridges will get picked ahead of 10 now.

Woah: I do not want the Sixers to take Kevin Knox out of Kentucky. I feel from watching him, he does not have that Philly grit.

Will: I don’t think we end up with the 10th pick. I want to trade up to 5, so we can give that spot to the Spurs in a deal for Kawhi.

Patrick Kelly (@SkyHawkKelso):

Who: Thursday night the Philadelphia 76ers should select Mikal Bridges. The Sixers will see J.J. Reddick and Marco Belinelli hit free agency on July 1 which will create a need for a shooter even if one of them resigns. He is more then just a shooter though, he is also a great defender. His large wingspan should make it difficult for his opponents. I see him to be very comparable to Robert Covington in physical size and ability, lets just hope he can finish around the rim.

Woah: The one player I would not like to see the Sixers draft is Zhaire Smith out of Texas Tech. There is no doubt that Smith is an amazing athlete but I don’t think his talents match what the Sixers should be looking for. He is going to be a good rim protector and defender in the NBA but the Sixers should be looking to add a scorer at this point of the process. I do believe that this pick would be a stretch for the Sixers at 10 though, and likely won’t be on the board at 26.


Will: Do the Sixers have an tricks up their sleeves for Thursday night? Maybe, but I doubt it. If they make a move it would be to package some second round picks and move into the first round. I think the Sixers will stay put and draft Mikal Bridges if he is still on the board at 10. If Bridges isn’t there at 10, I still like Kevin Knox or Lonnie Walker for the Sixers.

Josh Lyons (@TheLyons_Den):

I’m not gonna lie, I’m extremely nervous for what’s in store for the Sixers. With the opportunity to trade up or stick with our two 1st Round picks, the possibilities are endless and there’s a lot to potentially mess up. So here’s my WWW:

Who: Guys I’d love to see the Sixers take would be Doncic via trade, Mikal Bridges or Lonnie Walker IV.


Woah: My red flags include Michael Porter Jr, Trae Young, and Grayson Allen.
Will: I expect the Sixers to select Mikal Bridges at 10 and trade the 26th pick to acquire more assets.

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