All-NBA Team 2016 Predictions


Now that the NBA playoffs are almost set to begin, before anyone can win the ultimate award in the Larry O’Brien trophy, the individual award selections will be made very soon. It might be pretty obvious who is going to come away with the MVP award, Coach of the Year award, as well as the Rookie of the Year award. With such an up and down season, that’s been extremely different from the 2014-15 season, except for Golden State dominating once again. It would be only right to make the predictions on one of the less predictable awards, all three All-NBA Teams.


All-NBA First Team

G – Stephen Curry (GSW)

30.1 PPG – 6.7 APG – 5.4 RPG – 2.1 SPG – .908 FT%

If you didn’t see this one coming, obviously you haven’t watched the NBA season or even taken a peak of what’s going on in the world from the rock you’re living under. He’s leading the NBA in Points Per Game this year (30.1), as well as steals (2.1) and oh yeah he’s also made 402 3-Pointers this year! The closest anyone has came to that number was Stephen Curry last season with 286 made 3’s. Curry did all of this while also breaking the NBA record for most wins in a season (73-9). This spectacular season by Curry may go down as one of the greatest NBA seasons of all time and it would be preposterous if he wasn’t a unanimous pick to make the All-NBA First Team.

G – Russell Westbrook (OKC)

23.5 PPG – 10.4 APG – 7.8 RPG – 2.0 SPG – .454 FG%

To go along with the historic NBA season that the Golden State Warriors have been having, Russell Westbrook has been having a very historic season of his own. The NBA’s most versatile point guard may not get the MVP honors, considering the season Stephen Curry has been having, but it would be utterly wrong to let his amazing season go unnoticed. To show how flexible of a player Westbrook really is, he was the NBA scoring leader last season (28.1 PPG) and finished only second place in Assists Per Game (10.4) only behind Rajon Rondo with a remarkable 11.7 APG. To add to all of his stellar averages, Westbrook also finished second place in double-doubles (54) and first place in triple doubles (18) tying Magic Johnson for most triple-doubles in a season, in the past 30 seasons.

F – LeBron James (CLE)

25.3 PPG – 7.4 RPG – 6.8 APG – 1.4 SPG – .520 FG%

King James may not be the face of the NBA anymore, but he is still one of the most dominant forces in the NBA. Being the only player on the Cleveland Cavaliers to get an All-Star nod this season, he led this Cavs team to the number one seed in the East. Finishing in the top 5 in Points Per Game (25.1) and the top 10 in Assists Per Game (6.8), James has quietly still had a very efficient season. His numbers aren’t as extravagant as his past seasons, but it could be that LeBron may have had his sites set on a bigger stage, as in the past 10 games he’s been going into playoff mode with averages of 28.1 PPG – 9.6 APG – 8.0 RPG – .620 FG%.

F – Kawhi Leonard (SAS)

21.2 PPG – 6.8 RPG – 2.6 APG – 1.8 SPG – .506 FG%

Last year’s defensive player of the year and most likely the defensive player of the year this year, Kawhi Leonard has had a real breakout season as one of the NBA’s best this year. It’s odd to have a former Finals MVP to have 2 seasons later be his true breakout season. Leonard had his first All-Star appearance this year and made his name well known in the NBA by being the leading scorer (21.2 PPG) of the talented Spurs squad that went 67-15. The only small forwards who could possibly take this spot from Leonard on the All-NBA first team is Kevin Durant or Paul George, but none of them had the defensive affect that Leonard has brought to his team.

C – DeMarcus Cousins (SAC)

26.9 PPG – 11.5 RPG – 3.3 APG – 1.6 SPG – 1.4 BPG

The best center in the NBA showed his dominance once again finishing in the top 5 in Points Per Game (26.9) and Rebounds Per Game (11.5). His team may not have finished with a very good record (33-49) but his prolific play is the only reason this team was put into any position to succeed. Cousins has the best post game in the NBA right now and  it’s well known. He’s had four 40+ Point games, including a 56 Point game where he shot 70% from the field. The next closest Center to that mark in Points in a game this season was Marc Gasol with 38 points. It’s very obvious that Cousins is on his way to taking the NBA by storm in these next couple of seasons. Cousins had his first All-NBA team honor last year making the second team, with no other active NBA center in his league, NBA fans might have to get used to seeing Cousins on the All-NBA first team in the near future.


Photo From The Source

Photo From The Source

All-NBA Second Team

G – Chris Paul (LAC)

19.5 PPG – 10.0 APG – 4.2 RPG – 2.1 SPG – .896 FT%

With team leading scorer Blake Griffin (21.4 PPG) missing 47 games in the season, Chris Paul took this hopeless Clippers team all the way to the fourth seed in the West. Averaging a double-double (19.5 PPG – 10.0 APG) for the sixth time in his career and for the third year in a row, Paul may not be the best point guard in the league anymore, but he still is one of the top players in the NBA. It’s do or die for the Clippers this season in the playoffs after several disappointing postseasons, but Paul’s great play this season should earn him his 8th All-NBA team honors and 3rd All-NBA second team honor.

G – James Harden (HOU)

29.0 PPG – 7.5 APG – 6.1 RPG – 1.7 SPG – .860 FT%

It would be an understatement to say the Houston Rockets had a disappointing season. But it would also be absurd not to recognize James Harden’s stellar season. Harden has had a career year in nearly every stat. He finished second place in Points Per Game (29.0) and played more minutes than any other player this season. The Rockets have been in panic mode for a long time this year and Harden has been trying to play at a superstar level to keep the Rockets relevant. He barely led the Rockets to the playoffs, where they’ll be playing the Warriors in a rematch of the Western Conference Finals. Harden’s teammates haven’t shown many signs of help for him this season, so he’s taken matters into his own hands with 12 40+ point games.

F – Kevin Durant (OKC)

28.2 PPG – 8.2 RPG – 5.0 APG – 1.2 BPG – .505 FG%

The Thunder have always been on the radar as title contenders, Kevin Durant has been one big reason why the expectations get set so high in Oklahoma City. A 1x MVP and 5x scoring champion, Durant has had another fantastic season that hasn’t batted an eye all year because of the historic and prolific play by other players and teams this year. It would be downright crazy to not have Durant make the 1st or 2nd team this season.

F – Draymond Green (GSW)

14.0 PPG – 9.5 RPG – 7.4 APG – 1.5 SPG – 1.4 BPG

This season has been the year of defense in the NBA. A lot of the past seasons have revolved around the offensive play of teams, along with the three point shot, thanks to Green’s teammates Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, it’s been a shooter and defensive players’s game this season. Great players like Draymond Green, Kawhi Leonard, Andre Drummond and Rudy Gobert have gotten big names over the course of this year not because they can score lights out in a game, all 4 of them combined to have only 5 30+ point games on the season. The way they play on the defensive side gives them their star status. Draymond Green has also built up 13 triple-doubles on the year and been a huge reason the Warriors were able to finish with the best record in NBA history going 73-9.

C/F – LaMarcus Aldridge (SAS)

18.0 PPG – 8.5 RPG – 1.5 APG – 1.1 BPG – .513 FG%

Statistically speaking this isn’t the best season for the 5x All-Star LaMarcus Aldridge. His Points Per Game average is the second lowest it has been in his career, but he’s also only averaging 30.6 Minutes Per Game. The San Antonio Spurs affect has come into play for Aldridge, he’s played less minutes in the regular season and has still been very effective. His Spurs are 67-15 on the year and he’s been a huge part of why their success has been so consistent and why they have the league’s best defensive rating (99.0).


Photo From Golden State of Mind

Photo From Golden State of Mind

All-NBA Third Team

G – Klay Thompson (GSW)

22.1 PPG – 2.1 APG – 3.8 RPG – .425 3FG% – .470 FG%

The third player from the 73-9 Golden State Warriors to make the All-NBA team would be the second Splash Brother. Klay Thompson is having another huge year, he finished third place all time in most made three point field goals in a season (276), only behind his teammate Stephen Curry (1- 402, 2 – 286). When Curry is either absent or having an off game, Thompson is always right there to pick up the slack having 17 30+ point games. Being the second best scorer on arguably the best NBA team of all-time is already an accolade itself, it would be foolish not to give Klay Thompson the honor of making an All-NBA team this season.

G – Damian Lillard (POR)

25.1 PPG – 6.8 APG – 4.0 RPG – 0.9 SPG – .892 FT%

Possibly one of the biggest All-Star snubs in NBA history was 2x All-Star Damian Lillard. After losing all of his starters in the off season, the Portland Trail Blazers were set to fail this season, but Lillard wasn’t having any of that. Having 11 30+ point games since the All-Star break, including 2 50+ point performances and leading the All-Star-less Blazers to a 44-38 record and a playoff appearance; Lillard has shown the NBA why he deserves to get some type of accolade for his incredible play this season.

F – Paul George (IND)

23.1 PPG – 7.0 RPG – 4.1 APG – 1.9 SPG – .860 FT%

Paul George has had more weight on him this season than any other player. He lost David West and Roy Hibbert this off season, so it was his job to bring this Indiana Pacers team to their fullest potential. Indiana was quite impressive early on in the season going 12-5, but switched up after several inconsistencies by the Pacers to end the season going 45-37. Paul George has had undoubtedly his best season in his young 6-year career, it’s only right for him to be rewarded with his 3rd All-NBA third team honor.

F – Anthony Davis (NOP)

24.3 PPG – 10.3 RPG – 1.9 APG – 2.0 BPG – .493 FG%

Anthony Davis showed last season why he’s one of the top players in the NBA. Davis got his first All-NBA team honors last season making the first team. He’s thrown up similar stats this year, but due to injuries has slowed down and played less games. Also Davis has not brought the same leadership to the Pelicans that he did last year when he led them to a 45-37 record and a playoff appearance. This season was much different as the Pelicans finished 30-52, but Davis was still a force to be reckoned with, getting his third All-Star appearance and having 3 40+ point games, including a stellar 59 point, 20 rebound game in February.

C – Andre Drummond (DET)

16.2 PPG – 14.8 RPG – 0.8 APG – 1.5 SPG – .521 FG%

With Greg Monroe leaving the Pistons it opened many doors for the rebounding machine Andre Drummond. He’s made the Detroit Pistons his team and been throwing up Dennis Rodman-like rebounding numbers all season. Drummond’s Pistons are now the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference and will go on to play the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round of the playoffs. Drummond has been a big part to the Pistons’s success leading the league in rebounds per game, including a 29 rebound game early in the season. Andre Drummond will have many more great seasons to come, as you can’t teach being able to rebound this well. Being under head coach Stan Van Gundy, Drummond may have the potential of a 2009 Dwight Howard if he can improve his post game and continue to shoot terribly from the free throw line (.355).

All-NBA Fourth Team (Honorable Mentions):

G – Jimmy Butler

G – Kyle Lowry

F – Paul Millsap

F – Giannis Antetokounmpo

C – Karl-Anthony Towns


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