New Look Pelicans After Carmelo Anthony?


“I haven’t figured out a situation that makes sense for both parties,” Anthony told The Undefeated’s Marc J. Spears. “I am not the kind of guy who just goes out there and says, ‘Get me outta here … get me outta here,’ without having a plan. It’s bigger than that.”

Anthony saying that he hasn’t “figured out a situation,” appears to be admitting that the right situation could clear the way for an exit from the Knicks. Anthony has been on record stressing his desire to stay with the team he’s played for 5+ years, making a standoff statement with team president Phil Jackson.

While Phil has clearly been throwing out various tactics in an effort to convince Anthony to discontinue his no-trade clause, the key remains that the player holds all the power in this situation. 

While rumors strongly circulate Anthony with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Clippers mostly because of his close friendships with LeBron James and Chris Paul, those franchises appear unlikely to be in a position to make such a huge move. Another report last month suggested Anthony would waive the clause for the Boston Celtics.

“I haven’t heard anything,” Anthony said Sunday. “I haven’t talked to anybody.” 

That only brings us to wonder. after the New Orleans Pelicans making a huge splash in bringing in DeMarcus Cousins, would it be possible for them to also go after a player like Carmelo Anthony and form their own “SuperTeam” what pieces would they have to move, what type of contract would they have to dodge. Is it possible? Players like Jrue Holiday who’s in the books for 4yr(s) / $41,000,004 and Omer Asik who’s at 5 yr(s) / $57,977,525 are contracts that are expendable if you’re trying to play the money game in a potential Carmelo deal. And also players like Terrence Jones who have a year left in his deal can be tempting.

Now I’m not saying that the New York Knicks however would be or have any interest, but we all just saw what a franchise that had a disgruntled superstar do in times of desperation moving DeMarcus Cousins. I’m pretty sure Phil Jackson is at the ends of his roads in dealing with Anthony. Maybe just a ring from the Pelicans office is all it takes. 

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