Should The Pelicans Bring Cousins Off The Bench?


The New Orleans Pelicans are now 0-3 since acquiring DeMarcus Cousins.  Many people are wondering if this dynamic duo between Cousins and Davis will work.  Or if this was even a good fit for Cousins in the first place.  The fact is, it’s too early to make those assumptions, and this team still has to figure themselves out and establish an identity.  But a minor adjustment to their starting lineup, could help them be more successful.  So the question of the day is, should the Pelicans bring Boogie off of the bench?

The answer is yes.  And it’s not because Boogie is playing bad, or that he’s hurting the team.  It’s actually the opposite of that, he’s so good that he deserves to be the center piece of the offense.

With Anthony Davis in the starting lineup alongside Boogie, it’s going to be difficult at times to allow Boogie to be the main guy within the offense.  Davis is far more skilled, and with his ability to put the ball on the floor, and lead a fast break he will have the ball in his hands alot more.  If the Pelicans decide to bring Boogie off of the bench, he could play his style of game and dominate the opposing team’s bench.

Boogie is averaging 23 points, 13 rebounds, and 5 assist per game for the Pelicans.  Imagine his numbers with more opportunities to score the ball.  In the past, players took it as a slap in the face, to come off of the bench.  But today more players are accepting that role, even though they could/should be in the starting lineup.  This method has been working great for the Memphis Grizzlies.  By them bringing Zach Randolph off of the bench, he’s able to dominate the other team’s bench.

But here is the main reason on why the Pelicans should bring Boogie off of the bench, defense!  It’s no surprise to anyone that Boogie isn’t a great defender.  That has been the only knock on his game.  What might hurt them down the line, especially against the top teams in the NBA, it’s when Boogie gets caught guarding a stretch four.  Boogie isn’t able to close out quick enough, and if he does close out the four will go right pass him.

Anthony Davis is more than capable of guarding the four, because he has great speed and quick feet to stay with them.  But Davis is a great rim protector as well, so if he’s consistently outside of the paint guarding the four, who’s going to protect the basket?

There is no doubt that the Pelicans will be able to score with teams now that they have Cousins.  But the biggest challenge will be defense.  In 2 out of their last 3 games they have given up an average of 124 points.

If the Pelicans decide to bring Boogie off of the bench, it also gives Jrue Holiday the opportunity to score the basketball more which they really need from him.

It’s still early for this team and the makeup of DeMarcus Cousins, lets see what type of adjustments they make in order to make a playoff push.


About Aaron Davis

Aaron is a staff writer and the Co-Founder of NBALEAD. He has been following the NBA for over 15 years. Graduated from Purdue University.

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