Racial Slur Found At LeBron James’ Vandalized Home In L.A. 


Wednesday morning LeBron James’ home in Los Angeles was vandalized and a racial slur was found on the property, USA Today Sports reported earlier this afternoon. LAPD officer Norma Eisenman confirmed the report.

James was not at the home when the vandalism had taken place. The gate outside of James’ estate had a racial slur painted on it that has since been covered by property management, Eisenman told USA Today.

As of right now, the investigation is ongoing, and the LAPD is currently considering the crime a hate crime. Full details have not yet been disclosed, but a full police report is expected later Wednesday.

During the NBA’s regular season James resides in Akron, Ohio, but has owned the L.A. home since 2015. As James prepares for his seventh consecutive NBA Finals, the vandalism and racial slur will surely be on his mind.

James has often been outspoken about issues of race in his career. Most recently, James spoke on the subject of racial slurs being directed at Baltimore Orioles player Adam Jones during a game at Fenway Park in early May.

“Racism, we know, exists,” James stated. He went on to speak respectfully, without anger in his tone, on the issue. James’ solution is a simple one, and one that it is unfathomable civilized people cannot follow. He said it comes down to respect.

“For me, I just try to be respectful for one, be respectful to others, and I feel that if you do that consistently I believe the karma will come back to you,” James elaborated.

This incident is yet another of many racist happenings around the country and brings to light the incredibly disturbing issue of racism that still exists in America. While it’s important not to forget incidents like these, the return of basketball Thursday night will be a welcome distraction from this hate crime.

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