Top 5 Coaches of the 2015-2016 Season


The 2015-2016 season has brought many surprises, we have a team going for the long standing win/loss 72-10 record in a season that is currently held by Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, and teams firing their coach while in sitting at first place in the conference. But we have also had teams with coaches who have been able to persevere no matter what challenges came their way, and have been able to lead their teams to being some of the best in their respective conference. Let’s take a look at some of the best coaches of the current season.

  1. Doc Rivers 

2015-2016 Season Record: 49-28

Photo Credit: CBS Sports

Doc Rivers has had a bit of an interesting season with his unit, after losing Blake to a strange incident with a member of the equipment staff, that left him hobbled and his team down a superstar, Doc has been able to keep his team with their eyes on the prize. The Clippers currently sit at 4th in the West and are gearing themselves up for the playoffs, they rank 7th in Offensive Efficiency and 8th in overall team defense.

  1. Steve Kerr/Luke Walton

Season Record: 69-9

Photo Credit: CBS Sports

Just like their roster, the Warriors coaching staff itself is deep. Before the season began it was projected that Kerr would miss some time, just how much was not know. He ended up missing 43 games and the tea, was under the guidance of the 35 year old assistant coach Luke Walton. Under Walton the Warriors went a ridiculous 39-4 and included starting the season with 24 straight victories. They rank 1st in Offensive Efficiency and 6th in Team Defense.

     3. Erik Spoelstra

2015-2016 Season Record 45-32

Photo Credit: Thecomeback.com

Coach Spo has worked some Magic this season. Many analyst projected that the Heat would either miss the playoffs or sneak in as the bottom seed, but that has been the complete opposite, they are battling the Atlanta Hawks and Boston Celtics for the 3rd seed in the East and have shown flashes of what they can be when all the cylinders are clicking.  Since the All Star break the Heat have been one of the best offensive teams in the league, all this without star player Chris Bosh. Spo has shown that Riley resilience on is getting his team on track. They rank 9th in Team Defense and 14th in Offensive Efficiency.

  1. Brad Stevens

Season Record: 46-32

Photo Credit: CBS Sports

Under Brad Stevens the Celtics have shown nothing but consistent growth and this season he has them competing at an impressively high level. This season the Celtics have catapulted themselves into the contender category and Stevens is a big part of that, he has shown that he is an elite coach and his team has a fairly good shot at making a deep playoff run. They are in the ever shifting race for the 3rd and 4th seed in the East, and have shown that they can run with the best in the league. They rank 4th in Offensive Efficiency and 12th in Team Defense.

  1. Greg Popovich

Season Record: 65-12

Photo Credit: CBS Sports

Coach Pop, one of the best to ever do it, has the San Antonio Spurs once again looking like a championship contender. They have been the model of consistency his entire career, and this season is no different. The Spurs have won 65 games, and show no signs of slowing down as they gear themselves up for the playoffs. Kawhi Leonard has shown growth and the huge free agent signing of LaMarcus Aldridge is coming together nicely for them, Pop has the old dogs and the young pups playing well and another NBA title is something that they have a high probability of obtaining. They rank 3rd in Offensive Efficiency and 1st in Team Defense.

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