Trey Burke Earned His New Deal


Trey Burke’s contribution of 12 points and two assists in the Sixers’ win against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday was exciting. After the game, Elton Brand confirmed even more exciting news. Tuesday was the guarantee deadline for partial/non-guaranteed contracts, and the Sixers opted to guarantee Burke’s partially-guaranteed contract for the remainder of the season.

Why did the Sixers make this decision?

It might have something to do with his productivity. In the last 10 games, the speedy point guard has been shooting 56.3% from 3-point range, and averaging 7.4 points per game.

Burke also pairs well with Josh Richardson. He told NBC Sports Philadelphia that he likes playing with Richardson because of “his aggression on both ends of the court. I think we’re kind of similar to each other when it comes to that. He’s an aggressive type of guard, offensively and defensively. He uses his size to get in the paint. Taking risks — I think that’s something I do as well. Try not to play too conservative, take some risks out there knowing it’s not a perfect game. I think we complement each other when we’re out there together.”

Similarly, Joel Embiid and Burke have totaled 154 minutes on the court together this season. In those minutes, the Sixers have a +17.6 net rating. Burke isn’t just a good individual talent, but he plays well with the rest of the roster that Brand has worked hard to assemble.

Or maybe it has something to do with his father, Benji Burke. In early December, Benji made it clear he was not happy with the Sixers’ usage of his son. Raul Neto was consistently playing backup to Simmons’ over Burke. With that in mind, Burke’s father tried to push Burke out of Philadelphia.

One of his comments read: “Man get my dude off this team. Killing him. They will not get out of the East without bench scoring. Free TB23 please” per the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Trey has even acknowledged his father’s words in an interview with the Inquirer, but emphasized that his father does not speak for him. “While I appreciate the support he’s shown throughout my career, his comments don’t reflect how I feel and we’ve addressed that. My focus is doing whatever I can to help this team win a championship. I appreciate the support this organization, the fans and city of Philadelphia have shown me.”

What can we expect for Thursday?

With Embiid out due to his dislocated finger, and Matisse Thybulle set to return from his knee injury, Brett Brown’s rotation will be different from what we have seen recently. Now that Trey’s contract has been guaranteed, it seems logical to assume he’ll receive some more minutes. Brett Brown has not only decided to use Burke as Simmons’ backup, but also next to him as a pure scorer.

So thank you Benji Burke for your strong opinion. It is evident that after his comment his son has received more minutes, which is what led to his new full-season contract.

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