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A few months ago my fellow writer at The Lead, Corey Rausch, wrote about NBA players and their Game of Thrones counterparts. Since I had recently rewatched the series myself I decided to give it a shot, but with WNBA players instead. Matching players in the W with Westeros’s finest was interesting, yet at times, difficult. There are so many varying personalities and characters within the show and the league, which made it hard to pinpoint exactly who matched up the best. With that said, let’s dive in and have some fun.

Kelsey Plum is Arya Stark

Small frame, jet black hair, and fearlessness are a few ways to characterize both Arya Stark and Kelsey Plum. Arya is deadly with a blade, and Plum is a scoring threat from anywhere with a ball in her hands.  One might also say that both Plum and Arya are not utilized to their full potential. Plum is coming off the bench for the Las Vegas Aces, but most W fans would agree she could start on a number of teams right now given the opportunity. Arya is a fierce assassin, but her true heroics don’t come around until the later seasons of GOT.

Breanna Stewart is Jon Snow

Jon Snow is a hero and (arguably) the victor at the conclusion of the show. Breanna Stewart may have never been an underdog like Snow, but she is definitely the “King/Queen of North”. Stewart is from Upstate New York, played college ball in Connecticut, has played overseas in China and Russia,  and currently plays in the WNBA for the Seattle Storm. She’s won championships in college and in the WNBA. Safe to say, Stewie rules the North no matter what league or part of the globe she’s in. Both Snow and Stewart are also kind and humble. Snow shows his empathy and kindness throughout the series, and Stewart is no stranger to showing kindness to others.

Layshia Clarendon is Bran Stark

Bran Stark was the comeback player of the year for GOT. After being written off by many as an heir to the throne, Bran was able to finish the series strong and help decide the fate of Westeros. Layshia had a different path, but their journey is similar to Bran’s. Clarendon entered the league as the 9th overall pick, but was traded for a 2nd round pick just 3 years into their career. They were traded again, and then suffered a tough injury that required surgery. Just when things were looking up for Clarendon while playing with the NY Liberty, they were unexpectedly cut from the roster. However, even with all of these obstacles thrown their way they have managed to find a home with the Minnesota Lynx. On the first day Clarendon signed with the Lynx, they won their first game of the 2021 season. On July 2nd, Clarendon was signed for the remainder of the season. Seeing Bran emerge victorious was satisfying, but Clarendon’s journey may be even better.

Courtney Williams is Robb Stark

Robb Stark cares about his family, his nation, and his lover, Talisa. He is a fierce warrior who will do anything for the people he loves. Williams follows similar principles (She was once suspended in High School for defending her cousin in an altercation), and she is just as deadly on the court as Robb is on the battlefield. Courtney’s mother attended the same high school as her and set the single-game scoring record with 40 points. In her junior season, Williams took over the record by scoring 42 points in a game and they both set the single-game scoring record. Williams also makes appearances on her girlfriend’s YouTube vlog, further proving how close she is to her family and friends.

Candace Parker is Jamie Lannister

One of the greatest swordsman to ever walk the Seven Kingdoms, Jamie Lannister is no stranger to victory. The same goes for CP, one of the greatest to ever play the game. Parker has been a champion since high school, winning state titles, college championships, WNBA championships, etc. Oh, and she recently schooled Shaq on national TV.

As one can see, Candace Parker possesses more basketball knowledge than some of the NBA’s greatest. Jamie, despite his arrogance, has a similar advantage to his peers.

Allisha Gray is Bronn

Bronn is one of the more skilled fighters in the series, but he never gets the public praise he deserves for his actions and accomplishments. Gray is treated in a similar fashion, considering she is in the top tier of scorers in the W and yet is rarely mentioned as such. Bronn and Gray both have being a history of switching sides. During her collegiate career Gray transferred from North Carolina to South Carolina. During Daenerys Targaryen’s war for Westeros, Bronn initially assists the Lannisters, but eventually, upon Bran Stark‘s enthroning, Bronn becomes the new Lord of Highgarden and Master of Coin.

Sylvia Fowles is Barristan Selmy

Sylvia Fowles and Barristan Selmy are hardy veterans that don’t let their age affect their battle prowess. Selmy served in the Kingsguard for nearly 40 years, and Fowles has played professionally for 13 years. In spite of their age and lengthy WNBA careers, both Fowles and Selmy are able to hold their own amongst younger opponents. Additionally, Fowles switched teams halfway through her career. In 2015 she was traded by the Chicago Sky to the Minnesota Lynx via a 3-team trade. Barristan switched teams as well, but only because he was wrongly dismissed from his role by King Joffrey. Once Selmy left the Kingsguard, he choose to sail for Essos and serve the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen.

Elena Delle Donne is Brienne of Tarth

Tall, blonde, and deadly regardless of their opponent, EDD and Brienne are strikingly similar. Although Brienne is initially underestimated by her rivals, Delle Donne has been favored most of her career. Nevertheless, the two are repeatedly victorious and impressive. Brienne is the only person, man or woman, to ever defeat Sandor “The Hound” Clegane in single combat. Elena Delle Donne is the only WNBA player who has joined the prestigious “50-40-90” club.

Brittney Griner is The Hound

Sandor Clegane and BG are two towering figures who bully anyone foolish enough to test them. Even with their intimidating size and grit, The Hound and Griner are kind-hearted. Griner has been a longtime advocate for LGBTQIA+ and Sandor helpfully aids the young Arya Stark throughout her journey.

Liz Cambage is Tormund

Humor, homies, and high above the competition, Liz and Tormund are much alike. Tormund is known amongst his comrades for his absurd comedy and battle heroics. Liz, in similar fashion, is known for her funniness.

Tormund and Cambage aren’t just likable because of their jokes. Tormund is loved by his battle mates for never backing down and (mostly) doing what’s right. Liz has been super vocal about indigenous right’s in her native Australia and she also supports the BLM movement.

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