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Before the season gets started, let’s have a little fun. I took a dive into two of my favorite things on the planet: the WNBA and One Tree Hill. I’m going to tell you which WNBA team reminds me the most of which One Tree Hill character(s). If you haven’t seen the show and ever plan on watching, spoilers are ahead!

Atlanta Dream- Lucas Scott

Much like Lucas Scott, the Atlanta Dream have some redeeming qualities. Last year they led the charge in ousting then team owner, Kelly Loeffler. Loeffler was a Republican United States Senator who criticized the WNBA for supporting Black Lives Matter following the murder of George Floyd. One of Lucas’ biggest redeeming qualities was his friendship with Haley. He really did have her back through it all and that was always refreshing to me. Onto the bad. The Dream were in a bit of a state of disarray during the 2021 season. Whether it was indefinitely suspending their budding superstar, Chennedy Carter when nobody knew why, or arguably their best player, Courtney Williams, getting into a physical altercation and posting it on social media, it was rollercoaster of a season. I would compare it Lucas Scott’s love life pre-season six: a mess. Dude, stop cheating on your girlfriends! Eventually, he pulled it together though. Hopefully we can say the same about the Dream after 2022.

Connecticut Sun- Whitey Durham

For years, Coach Whitey Durham was knocking on the door of a state championship. But he could never seem to break through it. Despite amassing over 500 wins in his coaching career, the big one eluded him for a while. The Sun are in the midst of a stretch in which year in and year out, they seem to be one of the few title contenders. No matter how great of a regular season they have, they can’t reach the top of the mountain. If you watched One Tree Hill, you know Whitey ultimately got the job done, thanks to Lucas’ game winner. Perhaps the Sun can pull a Tree Hill Ravens this year and finally get over the hump.

Chicago Sky- Peyton Sawyer

Prior to winning it all in 2021, the Sky were haunted by the Hamby Heave. I imagine Sky fans saw it in their nightmares. When I think of Peyton Sawyer, I think of her as being followed around by a dark rain cloud, never seeming to catch a break. Dead moms, an absentee dad, getting shot in the leg, a psycho stalker! I mean, come on. Through it all though, she came out on top. She started her own record label, married the love of her life, and had a beautiful daughter. I’d consider that her own version of winning a WNBA championship after dealing with heartbreak.

Dallas Wings- Deb Scott

Simply put, the Wings are a fun team. With that being said, you never know what you’re going to get from them. They have tons of young star power in Arike Ogunbowale, Allisha Gray, and Satou Sabally. But the organization also has had their  moments that make you scratch your head. Signing Astou Ndour-Fall to a questionably large contract, only to later buy out the contract, comes to mind. Fans have also joked that players seem to leave the Wings and find success elsewhere. Just ask WNBA champion, Azurá Stevens. Deb Scott was a character who had her flaws. She cheated on her husband, and later set fire to his work place while he was inside, and nearly severed her relationship with her son due to a drug addiction. Even considering all that, I always rooted for Deb. I feel the same way about the Wings, mostly because they have so many fun players that are easy to root for.

Indiana Fever- Chase Adams/Tim Smith

If you’re on WNBA twitter, one of the most common things you’ll see is fans poking fun at the Fever. Mostly because it’s just so easy. This is the organization who, in the last few seasons, has consistently drafted players very early in the draft, only to release or trade them. Chase Adams and Tim Smith are that for the characters of One Tree Hill. It was Tim in the early seasons, and Chase in the later seasons. They’re the guys everyone likes to make fun of. Whether it was basically every character sarcastically referring to Chase as “bar manager” at one point or another, or just generally laughing at Tim’s expense, they were usually catching some slack. Despite that, they were two beloved characters. Even considering all the mishaps in recent years, the Fever still have a solid fanbase, which is very admirable.

Las Vegas Aces- Haley James Scott

Previously the San Antonio Stars, the Aces were established in 2018. After drafting now superstar, A’ja Wilson, it didn’t take long for them to become perennial contenders. When you have an MVP candidate on your team every season, you’re usually a contender. Haley James Scott started as this awkward “nobody” who only had one friend, Lucas. She quickly blossomed into a literal rock star and became a mainstay of the show for nine seasons. The same way the Aces are now a mainstay at the top of WNBA standings every season.

Los Angeles Sparks- Antwon “Skills” Taylor

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I think of Antwon “Skills” Taylor, I think of Hollywood. You can’t convince me that Chennedy Carter wouldn’t be his favorite WNBA player. Her nickname is literally “Hollywood.” Conveniently, Carter is a brand new member of the Sparks. Skills was always ready for the bright lights. When the opportunity arose for him to join the Ravens senior year, he pounced on it and helped lead the team to a state championship. Skills was always ready for the moment. In a market like LA, you always have to be ready for the moment.

Minnesota Lynx- Marvin “Mouth” McFadden

When I think of the Lynx, I think of consistency. While there’s been years recently where they haven’t made deep playoff runs, they’ve made the playoffs every season since 2011. In that span, they’ve won the championship four times, and reached the Finals on two other occasions. You can always count on them to be in the mix. The same way you can always count on Marvin “Mouth” McFadden to always be there for you. He was a loyal friend, and a hard worker who was adored by all who crossed his path. In an alternate universe, I’m sure Mouth set up shop in the Twin Cities to cover the Lynx’s dynasty at the local news station.

New York Liberty- Brooke Davis

One of the biggest stories of the offseason was it coming to light that Liberty owner, Joe Tsai, paid for charter flights for his team, which breaks a rule in the current CBA. Tsai knew he was sacrificing a fine, or more, but he didn’t care. He knew his team deserved better than flying economy as professional athletes. Take a look at what Brooke Davis did in season eight. She quite literally sacrificed her fashion empire, Clothes Over Bro’s, so that her investors wouldn’t lose their money. This came following a snafu by her mother, also the co-owner of the company. Brooke could have kept her company and kept it moving. She and Tsai both could have kept their heads down and no one would have known the difference. But they both chose to do the right thing.

Phoenix Mercury- Dan Scott

You might be thinking, “How dare she insult the Mercury like this!” Pump the brakes. Dan Scott is my favorite One Tree Hill character, so this is actually a compliment. Every good story needs a great villain, or it’s really not much of a story at all. There is no greater villain in the WNBA than Diana Taurasi. Because of that, a lot of people want to see the Mercury lose. Most players in the league will tell you they want to take Taurasi down. The same way the residents of Tree Hill tried to take Dan Scott down for years. Usually, they weren’t successful. And don’t forget, at the end of the series, Dan ended up being the biggest hero the show ever had. Foreshadowing for the end of Taurasi’s career? Stay tuned!

Seattle Storm- Nathan Scott

The year is 2014. Seattle finished the season dead last in the league. In hindsight, this might have been the most important season for the franchise. They received the number one draft pick and selected Jewell Loyd, who became a bonafide star. The following year, they drafted Breanna Stewart, also known as one of the best players in the world. And then, they became WNBA champions in 2018, and again in 2020. They developed into one of the best teams in the league. I think this is relatable to Nathan Scott’s trajectory as a character. For lack of better words, he stunk as a person early in the show. But it didn’t take him long to become the Nathan Scott we all know and love. In addition, prior to his accident, he was drafted by the Seattle Sonics!

Washington Mystics- Karen Roe

When I think of the moral compass of One Tree Hill, I think of Karen Roe. She was always there with her words of wisdom, helping guide these teenagers through the ups and downs of life. I get the same feeling from Washington Mystics head coach, Mike Thibault. I can’t explain it, but I just know he gives great life advice. Probably pretty good basketball advice too. Players, coaches, and media alike have spoken at length about the kind of person Thibault is. If you interviewed the residents of Tree Hill, I bet they’d have similar things to say about Karen.

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