An Evening With The Clutch Crew


How Section 222 Became The Place To Be

Located at the north end of the BMO Harris Bradley Center is a section that has made quite a name for itself. What started out as a place for die hard Bucks fans to gather and cheer the deer, something else has formed that not only ignites the building, but has become a driving force of showcasing that Milwaukee is thriving with the endless possibilities of how good this team can become. On Tuesday evening when the Bucks took on the Washington Wizards, I was lucky enough to witness the greatness of the Harley Davidson Clutch Crew.

Walking in to an unknown territory, my nerves were soon settled with the knowledge that I was surrounded by people just like me, people who love this team as much as I do. Everyone holds that special connection and for this exclusive club they are more than happy to welcome anyone in who is just as passionate about this team as they are. Led by their fearless leader in Ben Fink, from the minute the Bucks take the court til the last second ticks off the clock, the Clutch Crew gives everything they have to help uplift the players to a hopeful victory.

Optimism Is The Mindset

The feel of the night all begins when Giannis Antetokounmpo comes rushing towards the fans of the back court with his signature mean mug, electrifying this dedicated group. The first quarter was less than stellar for the Bucks, as they easily fell behind by 20 points, but if the fans were paying attention to the Clutch Crew, you wouldn’t believe that to be the case. The cheers of encouragement never faded, every possession of the ball was met with the same excitement, whether it was a missed shot, or a bad pass, this fan base never turns of their team. Being able to chant M.K.E with the best fans in the building is a feeling I will not get over anytime soon. Being in that section feels almost like home to any Bucks fan that is lucky enough to experience it.

Having an area such as the Clutch Crew is a breath of fresh air to those who have been witness to the Bucks’ struggles in the past. The mid to late 2000’s were not for the faint of heart. Tough times lead to fans leaning away from the Bucks organization with little to no excitement surrounding the home games. Thanks to the Crew now, fans can walk into the Bradley Center and know that something in the air is different. One of the best games I have ever been to was game seven of the 2001 Eastern Conference Semi-Finals where it felt as if the building would collapse beneath me as the Bucks won the series over the Hornets. That type of feeling is what occurs now every regular season home game here in Milwaukee and it’s because of this fan base.

Bucks Fell to the Wizards 107-104

Even though the Bucks did not collect the W in the end, being surrounded by this energetic bunch, there was no need to sit down in defeat, the Clutch Crew stood proud for their home team and looked forward to the next game. It is the type of encouragement that not only the surrounding fans need, but the Bucks players as well. This section of fans is one that any team would be grateful to have. It is a playoff atmosphere every night that the Clutch Crew stand up and shakes the building to its core. From what started as Squad 6 has become a force of its own. I have been in some of the best cheering sections in the world of sports, from the American Outlaws to the student section at a Wisconsin Badger football game, and all I can say is that the Milwaukee Bucks Clutch Crew is giving them a run for their money.

About Melissa Colton

Melissa was born and raised in West Allis, WI, but currently resides in Milwaukee. She is a veteran of the United States Army and has a Bachelors Degree in Sport Management. She has worked in both the sports and music industry. Anything from Wisconsin, sports, food, and beer is her happy place.

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