Look Out For Kay Felder


The Cleveland Cavaliers rookie point guard, Kay Felder has stepped up in his last two games for the Cavaliers during the absence of Kyrie Irving.  Felder who was given the job as the backup point guard this season, hasn’t really had the opportunity to showcase all of his skills.

It’s tough for Felder to have a chance to run the offense, when he’s on a team with LeBron James and Kyrie Irving.  But during the Cavs last two games, Felder has showed flashes on why he’s earned his spot on the team.  In a win over Charlotte, Felder finished with 13 points and 2 assist.  In tonight’s win over the New Orleans Pelicans, he put up similar numbers with 12 points and 2 assist.

He also made a nice move in transition that got the crowd off their feet.

Felder is a really good guard, that will have a shot to show his game on the large stage.  Throughout the second half of the season, expect Felder to be more involved as players rest for the playoffs.

About Aaron Davis

Aaron is a staff writer and the Co-Founder of NBALEAD. He has been following the NBA for over 15 years. Graduated from Purdue University.

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