Is it Possible that a Team Goes Undefeated at Home?


In short, yes it is possible that a team will go undefeated at home this year. Is it likely? Yes. Currently it is possible that two teams could go undefeated at home in the same season. This accomplishment has never happened to any single team, never mind two in the same season. Currently, the San Antonio Spurs (32-0) have 9 games left at home, and the Golden State Warriors (30-0) have 11 home games left. Of the those two teams it is more likely that the Warriors make it all the way to 41-0, and I do not believe the Spurs have a shot at it.

Anybody who knows about the Spurs knows that at the end of the season Gregg Popovich loves to rest his players in preparation for the long postseason. Of their 9 remaining home games, 8 of them are against teams currently in the playoff picture. Now, San Antonio has two home games in the last week of the season, against Golden State and against Oklahoma City. By the time we get to these games the Spurs will have locked up second place in the West. They are currently 3.5 games back of Golden State for first, and have a 12 game lead on Oklahoma City in third. We all know the Spurs are not gonna be able to make up that 3.5 game difference, and there’s no way they play bad enough to lose a 12 game lead in a month. So back to the original point, when we get that late in the season, Gregg Popovich is going to bench Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, and maybe some younger guys like LaMarcus Aldridge and Kawhi Leonard. Now you might say, ‘won’t the Thunder bench players at this point in the season too?’. No they will not because they have been in a tight race for third place all season with the Clippers and will continue to play until they have locked it up, which may not happen until the last night of the season.  Golden State will not bench players in their matchup vs. the Spurs because they are chasing the record for the most wins in a season.

On the other hand, there is another team that can go undefeated at home. The Golden State Warriors have 11 home games remaining. Six of those games are against teams currently in the playoff picture. Now this is not to say that Golden State will not lose to a non-playoff team, because they have done it before this year (shout out to the Lakers fans), but it is not likely that Golden State loses to one of these teams at home. So that leaves the six games against playoff teams left. They have to play the Clippers first, and the Clippers have lost all three times this year by single digits. So, if the Warriors can overcome the Clippers in this matchup, I think they could be set for 41-0. They also do play the Spurs, April 7th, just 3 days before the Warriors go to Texas to play the Spurs on their undefeated floor. The one time the Spurs and Warriors played this season, Golden State blew them out by 20 in Oakland, so I imagine the Warriors should beat them again, but in a much tighter contest. Golden State also has to play Dallas and Portland, both teams beat Golden State in Dallas and Portland, but then the Warriors proved to blow them out in Oakland. Then the other two games would be against Boston and Memphis, the Warriors should have no problem beating either team at home.

To wrap things up, the Warriors and Spurs both could go 41-0 at home, but the Warriors have the better chance to to remain undefeated.  They have what it takes, and if they want to beat the 72-10 record for best team, then going 41-0 at home will certainly help achieve that goal.

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Aaron is a staff writer and the Co-Founder of NBALEAD. He has been following the NBA for over 15 years. Graduated from Purdue University.

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