Ranking The Best Christmas Day Performances


Christmas is a time for basketball fans around the world to enjoy great matchups and also performances from some of the leagues stars. From Lebron vs. Curry, to Shaq returning back to LA, some of the most remarkable games have been on Christmas

Here are the five best performances/games on Christmas day in my opinion. If I left a great matchup or performance out, let me know in the comments or on Twitter @RAGEMO23

    1. Shaq returning back to LA (2004). This one, in my opinion, was pretty easy. This was the first time Shaq returned back to the Lakers to take on his old pal Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant. This was one of those games where you wanted to see how Shaq would fare against Kobe, but Kobe handled it flawlessly. Shaq, who finished the game with 24 points and 11 rebounds, fouled out during the ending of the fourth. Bryant finished with 42, but missed the game-winning shot to seal a victory for the Lakers.

2. Warriors vs. Clippers (2013): This was one of the first games that started the rivalry going on between the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers. If you want to talk about physicality and chirpiness, this is the game for you. Draymond Green and Blake Griffin obviously did not like seeing each other, because Griffin had two techs and Green had a flagrant two foul called on him. After the game, and this really happened, there was almost a fight. We basketball fans love a clean game, but don’t mind there being a scuffle every now and them. This game started the known rivalry today.

3. LeBron returning back to the… Heat (2014): You can’t have a list without having the greatest player of our era. After taking his talents to South Beach and winning two titles with the Miami Heat, this was his first game back. James and Wade both came to play this game. James finished with 30 points and eight assists while Wade finished with 31 points and five assists. Heat fans did welcome James with loud cheers and that was really respectful having what he did for the organization

4. Chicago Bulls vs. New York Knicks (1992): You kind of knew the GOAT would make the list, but the reason I added this game here, is because Jordan went off for 42 points, eight rebounds and five assists. The Knicks also had a star of their own in Patrick Ewing, who had 14 points and 15 rebounds. The Bulls won 89-77

5. Tracy McGrady vs. Pistons (2002): The great T-Mac, who is actually going to be in the Hall of Fame, destroyed the Detroit Pistons this game. This one of the most remarkable and respected Christmas performances in history. McGrady, who was a superstar at that time, had 46 points, six rebounds and three steals. Keep in mind he was playing against Chauncey Billups, Rip Hamilton, Rasheed Wallace, and a well-respected Pistons squad. The Magic won 104-99

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