Will Russell And Durant Become Friends Again?


As we approach the All-Star game, the questions about Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant continue to surface.  The relationship between the two seems to be nonexistent at this point, especially throughout the season.  But we all wondered if they would put their differences to the side and AT LEAST speak to each other during All-Star weekend.  But to no surprise, they did not acknowledge each other’s existence.

During media day, Durant and Westbrook walked right past one another, and neither of them budged.

When reporters tried to get any information from Westbrook, conerning Durant, he dodged the questions with random answers.

By seeing their relationship now, you would have never guessed that they played 8 seasons together, and made it to the NBA finals.

All of the subliminal shots, and drama surrounding these two would be great for Hollywood.  Westbrook is clearly hurt by Durant’s decision this past off-season as he should be.  Durant didn’t give Westbrook the proper respect he deserved and called him before he signed with Golden State.  With that being said, will these to ever become friends again?

It’s hard to tell right now because neither of them are letting up.  Westbrook is for sure not going to be the peacemaker, he has way too much pride for that.  Durant doesn’t really care because he’s on the best team in the NBA, and they beat the Thunder every time they matchup.

But never say never.

During All-Star weekend, Wanda Durant and Shannon Westbrook the mother of KD and Russ, took a photo together, and they looked as if they were best friends.


With Durant being on a two year contract with a player option after one year, maybe he goes back to OKC in the near future, sort of what LeBron did in his return to Cleveland.  But that of course would only happen if Durant and Westbrook get back on good terms.  Hey if Shaq and Kobe can make up anything is possible right?

One thing is for certain, these two are not going to give us any entertainment by talking to the media about the other guy.  Maybe we will get a chance see them back on the court with each other during the All-Star game.

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Aaron is a staff writer and the Co-Founder of NBALEAD. He has been following the NBA for over 15 years. Graduated from Purdue University.

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